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Top Travel Destinations: 7 INCREDIBLE Places In BONAIRE you WONT BELIEVE EXIST! This extensive list from a recent trip shows you the top 7 most incredible places on the tropical Island of Bonaire in the Caribbean, one of the top Travel Destinations in the World!

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Erik Conover is a NY-based social media personality, content creator, global adventure filmmaker and model. His YouTube channel is currently at 222K subscribers and 44M views. Conover shares video journals documenting his travels, life in the city, and personal milestones. Erik has been featured by WWD, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler and Passion Passport to name a few.

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  1. Ghisliane says

    Thnx for making this bueatiful video of my island

  2. Lisette Defoe says

    Thank you Eric! I was born an raised in Bonaire. You know, when you grow up somewhere, you never look at it from a touristy perspective. Now that I live abroad myself, I have become so much more amazed at the beauty of my island and feel like a tourist every time I return. I learned two things from your video I didn't know existed on my island Bonaire…. the uderwater caves!!! Never been!! I've only been in our caves above the water level. They are so cool. And I also did not know about the fish that glow in the dark because I've only done day time scuba diving. Thank you again, this was by far the best video I have seen of my own island. Thank you again.

  3. Camila Look says

    I live here…

  4. Mateuzs says

    You need to go to Curacao

  5. AtheistBonaire Noyb says

    Next time, don't forget to go freediving at the Hilma Hooker if your breath hold is good enough. We are also a prime windsurfing location, Sorobon is amazing.

  6. Marian Congiu says

    Im from bonaire i love rincon and nort di saliña

  7. derrick alexandre says

    hey bro next time you visit just hop on over to curacao…. another caribbean GEM. freaking awesome video !!!

  8. SpokaVegas says

    when we were there 3 weeks ago the government website says"leave your drone at home", the whole island is under the umbrella of controlled airspace for the airport……

  9. elouise nicolaas says

    I really never knew so many people lived there,so I hope I see some of you there

  10. elouise nicolaas says

    Omg I always go there and never knew it was so popular and my favorite spot is trapie is a beach with really big waves and a amazing sun set,and I’m going there tomorrow!

  11. Mike Smith says

    Where is the original videos?

  12. Jose Medina says

    Go to Belize

  13. Jeannette S says

    I wanna travel now

  14. Dante Abraham says

    I’m from Bonaire

  15. Solange Pikeri says

    Oh yeah, I'm papiamento what I'm just at home I see your videos that's cool that's so cool

  16. Renjii1991 says

    i have lived there almost my entire life.. never knew how beautiful it was until i moved abroad.. i miss sundays going to the beach and chill with friends or just sit on seru largu and enjoy the view.. boneiru hom

  17. Joselyn Rijna says

    Wow wow wow feeling very proud of this you tube video. I am from Bonaire and my all time favorite spots and activity is cave snorkeling cave hunting, as a child we went in a cave with 7 rooms and with lighted candels with could find our way back out. Also I love to camp at slaagbaai. Rock jumping, snorkel, kayaking at slaagbaai is awesome.

  18. Aleesha Keller says

    I'm from bonaire

  19. BittiKit says

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m looking for a honeymoon location, and this place looks pretty cool according to your vid 🙂

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