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In the final video from our Carnival cruise, we went SCUBA diving in the Cayman Islands’ crystal-clear water to check out a shipwreck.

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This film was made with:
– F-Stop Satori Backpack:
– Sony A7s Mirrorless Camera:
– Sony 24-70mm F4 Vario Tessar Lens
– Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens
– Sony Cyber Shot RX100iv
– DJI Inspire 1 Drone (2 Controller)
– Go Pro Hero 3+:
– Go Pro Suction Cup Mount:
– Go Pro Accessory Kit:
– Promaster CX525 Tripod:
– Promaster Superlite 3-Way Head:
– SD 32GB Memory Sticks:
– Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Mike:
– Zoom H1 Portable Digital Recorder:
– Joby GP3 GorillaPod:
– Pico Flex Table Dolly:
– Pelican 0915 Black SD Memory Card Protective Case:

Rating: 4.94

  1. B Trimmer says

    We are scuba diving next week down there. Looks amazing!

  2. Jimmy Mizell says

    The Cayman Islands are amazing. My wife and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary down there. The scuba diving was great.

  3. Horn Horn says

    If you’re not certified, are you able to get a class then participate in this?Looks amazing and I’ll be there this summer. Thank you!

  4. ASLK Plumbing says

    I was on the mac divina

  5. emonique989 says

    You guys make me want to learn how to swim. I live through your videos, thanks!!!

  6. Lillian Wendt says

    Consider getting a red filter for your camera; it will bring out the coral and fish's true colors, instead of everything being washed in blue!

  7. KK W says

    Hey guys, your video is awesome!! Can you give the name of the two sites you were diving at?

  8. Naturally K says

    I am from Cayman islands

  9. DjFiyaFrost says

    i'm so proud to see my country looking so beautiful

  10. Seeker85420 says

    DiveNazi reminds you….thumbs up is a signal for "I'm going to the surface", not to be used for "This is so cool!"

  11. Nadya Safira says

    sir francis drake = uncharted 4 haha

  12. Janelle Syms says

    Great video! Just wanted to let you guys know that the iguanas shown in the video aren't indigenous to Cayman; they're actually green Honduran iguanas which arrived after Hurricane Ivan. The iguana that is indigenous is the Cayman Blue Iguana and is actually highly endangered.

  13. y Lin says

    in my list of pocket:)

  14. Spencer Stanley says

    I love this channel but its so addicting and I need to study.

  15. Frida's Friday says

    This is amazing! So many colors under the water. One of the best things I've ever done was to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, this reminds me of that 🙂

  16. Hat off lab says

    Scuba diving footage – absolutely cool!

  17. areen qazi says

    You guys r so good at this!! Do you edit it yourself or someone else does it for you cuz this stuff is just amazing!! Going gaga over vaga!!

  18. tailers travels says

    I did the snuba dive two years ago I'm the Cayman islands and it is so cool being able to see this

  19. AdventureConwards says

    Such a rad video! The drone and underwater shots were so good! Keep rockin it!

  20. THE SETUS says

    yo vagabrothers !! u guys are killing it!! like i said if you guys ever decide to come visit australia let me know!!! will def hook something up!! much love the setus

  21. wmkirkmoore says

    Cruising the big Carnival city, Jamaica Highlands and Cayman scuba diving was fabulous. Loved the drone shots, the Grouper buddy, the education, editing…all awesome but……really wanted to hear Marko kill that karaoke song. Ha! Thanks Vagabros, you two are still rocking it!

  22. Alison Ryan-Landon says

    Did you mention that the Great North Wall is second only to the Great Barrier Reef? I may have missed that in your narrative but that is what I remember from my dive there almost 40 years ago. Awesome video!

  23. AMaeTV says

    Hey guys, great to see you on Periscope! Gabe and I were like whoa.. We've never really used it much so it was crazy to see a familiar name. Get in touch if you wanna hang in SD sometime!!

  24. Sami Holzman says

    I am absolutely in love with your underwater filming

  25. Christy Fike says

    Great job guys! AMAZING underwater shots & the bike part was so cool!

  26. Andrea Avendaño says

    It's so weird not to see you on the road, but it was a great series either way. The footage was spot on!

  27. Alphamikee says

    You guys are awesome! I hope to travel the world as much as you guys

  28. Dan Murray says

    You guys rock.. Love the Channel Cozumel is awesome and If you every go back, make sure you check out a place called "Rio Secreto". You may need special permission to Video this place as none of us were able to take cameras when we went but I think that was due to them selling photos to make money.. Would be way worth your time, 🙂 . I went there in 2013 and going back in June this year to do it again 🙂

  29. kelly chase says

    props to you dudes for doing sponsored content so well! great little video series you did here

  30. TeeHTravel says

    A cruise is something i never thought of……… Something like this looks amazing.

  31. Gabriel Traveler says

    Awesomeness guys, really epic footage. The cruise looks pretty sweet. By the way greetings from your hometown! I'm hanging out at a hostel in Ocean Beach right now. Pretty nice town.

  32. robert rawley says

    +vagabrothers Of all of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean why did you choose to feature the two most anti-gay countries?
    Gay subscribers plz stay safe and Google search Cayman homophobia and Jamaica homophobia before spending your hard-earned cash to fund these repressive countries.
    There are many other beautiful islands in the Caribbean that deserve your attention.

  33. Caroline P says


  34. Elizabeth Travels says

    Wow that water is so clear!

  35. Matthew2063 says

    I'm from the Cayman Islands, I was so excited to see this in my subscription box. Great video guys 🙂

  36. Deep says

    I really found these two shots to be amazing: 1:32 and 6:04 keep up the great work men 😉

  37. Perfect Little Planet says

    Your editing was on point! This video, the music, the clips, all of it was mesmerizing. Nice job!

  38. HELLADJ says

    Haha underwater biking could have been its own vid!

  39. Jan Kloke says

    Came from Louis' diving-vlog, so I had high expectations 😀
    But it turned out to be very interesting, I also want to ride a bike underwater!

  40. valentina andrade Masmela says

    Me encanta que pongan las imágenes y la voz de fondo, muy buen video!

  41. Rebecca's Almanac says

    I'm so curious how you guys get those map graphics into your videos. Do you design them yourselves?

  42. Andres Hernandez says

    Those drone shots are epic 5:43

  43. Will Hepworth says

    The aesthetic on your videos is amazing! Keep up the great work guys.

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