20 Insane Jumps of ALL TIME (Cliff Jumping)

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20 Insane and Biggest Jumps of ALL TIME

Hello everyone, and today we are going to see 20 jumps in World’s history made by cool, crazy and fearless people. Starting with parachute jumps and without them, we will gently move to the highest jumps in the water: World’s highest backflip, cork and gainer, and world’s highest cliff Jump. Diluting it all with Snowmobiles, motorcycles, and airplanes we will end this Top with the highest Jumps from Space, and here we go.

1. TheErikRoner

2. Jeff Bowron

Luke Aikins

3. National Geographic

4. WingsuitRR

5. ABC –


7. Red Bull

8. Adrenaline Addiction

9.Adrenaline Addiction

10. Adrenaline Addiction

11. Skydive Dubai

12. Red Bull

13. Teton Gravity Research

14. XDubai

15. Richard Mrázek

16. Garth Vader

17.Guinness World Records


19. Daniel Jacob

20. GoPro,
Red Bull-

When you’re Travis, these ideas somehow make sense, but for the rest of us, it’s just plain crazy. For Travis Pastrana, jumping out of an airplane, From a height of 12 000 feet or 3600 meters, without a parachute is just another item to cross off the to-do list.

A First person in the world to complete a skydive without a parachute. The 42-year-old daredevil Luke Aikins plummeted from 25,000 feet – 7 600 meters

People leave the plane holding onto the wingsuiter’s rig and hoist themselves onto the wingsuiter’s back. During the free fall, you’re just plane on someone’s back just like on the Magic Carpet.

Whisper – the First Wingsuiter and Skydiver dog in the World.

Dana Kunze has held the world records for the highest dives

Randy Dickison, fracturing his leg by hitting the pool’s bottom, set a record of 174 feet or 53 meters, at an event in Hong Kong.

Schaller chose a picturesque waterfall to set a new world record. He Jumped from 192 feet cliff or 59 meters, and reached the speed 123 kilometers per hour before hitting the water

Chase Reinford, better known as leader of the adrenaline addiction channel. Traveling to the most beautiful places in Oregon, California, Vermont and Utah, the guys lead by Chase make a series of incredibly dangerous jumps in the water from all suitable and unsuitable cliffs

Now, The most INSANE cliff jumping crew gathered to conquer the massive cliffs of Beautiful Havasupai waterfall.

The 140 feet or 42.6 meters Backfilp of the Cliff, completely blew everyone away that this was possible

This was the breathtaking moment when a pair of daredevil skydivers set a new base jump world record by leaping 2,717 feet or 822 Meters from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower – the tallest building in the world

Two HUGE New Year’s Jumps Ever

That was 2006 and Jamie Pierre’s record-shattering 255-feet or 68 Meters cliff jump on skis

Flying side by side to Airbus A380 at an altitude of 4,000 feet – 1200 meters over Dubai

The world famous bar in Jamaica is the Rick’s Cafe

Darren Taylor Better Know as “Professor Splash”. He’s set 12 Guinness world records for shallow-water diving

This is ferdi fischer At the edge of a 45 Meters or 150 feet cliff

The “highest step in the world” ON AUGUST 16, 1960 JOE KITTINGER BECAME A REAL-LIFE SUPERHERO.

And the last and the Most Impressive Jump was made by Felix Baumgartner in October 14, 2012. Felix climbed to 128,100 feet – 39 Kilometers in a helium-filled balloon Sunday morning. After few minutes he made the Highest step in the world’s history after Kittinger. When falling from the stratosphere, Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier reaching an estimated speed of 833 mIles or 1,342 kilometers per hour.

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