Scuba Diving in Monterey Bay, California

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Learn about what makes the Monterey Bay one of the top diving destinations in the world.

Produced by the City of Monterey
Directed by Eric Palmer
Featuring music by Josh Woodward

Rating: 4.94

  1. Venice S says


  2. ROBLOX CAT says

    I've never been scuba diving but one time when I was in the ocean in California I'm pretty sure I stepped on a fish but I really wanted to know what was in the ocean so some of this freaked me out

  3. JUNkYARD DRIFT says

    This is awesome! I’m just now working on getting my cert but I thought I was out of hope for places to dive in the bay glad I found this

  4. Glen Miller says

    My first dive, seventh grade, was at the Pacific Grove glass bottom boat pier. This is a well-produced, factual introduction to diving at Monterey.

  5. aruytpadyugf says

    Wished they talked about how cold the water is, cuz it's very cold!

  6. gtlo1974 says

    Woow beautiful place for scuba wish I can do a diving there one day! Thanks for sharing video

  7. MyPageMike Caldwell says

    Grew up their, lack of sun, tourist trap, NO GOOD JOBS unless you want to do service jobs, sucks. Sacramento, CA is SO much better.

  8. GlamazonBarbie says

    Nice video. One of my favorite dive sites and where I got certified.

  9. mojorayjones says

    I love diving in the bay. Let's protect the Ocean. Nice work with the video.

  10. Aquatic Borealis says

    I'd like to dive there in late Feb. Anyone see giant pacific octopus in that area?

  11. Chelsey F says

    Dudes hair at 2:37 tho lmao!! =p

  12. Ido Kleinman says

    Beautiful. Whats the best months to visit in terms of conditions/visibility?

  13. Julie Ann Racino says

    The Monterrey Bay Aquarium is linked in the report, Reflections on community integration in rural communities in upstate New York (Racino, 2014) with California a popular visitor (this video, scuba diving) and even West Coast relocation site (Florida, also popular for warm weather retirements or winter snowbirds). The report can be found on Squareup market/Community and policy studies together with reports such as Reflections on community integration in the USA and Great Britain in 1991 (Racino, 2013) Yes, disability to the community from the institutions started a movement called community integration and inclusion.

  14. Bill Jalopy says

    Beautiful! this is my dream!

  15. NarrowSpider says

    A fraction? Last time I went I remember went there being a pretty big diving community. Well, compared to where I live at least.

  16. Studio AR says

    I love my city

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