Bora Bora Pure Snorkeling Reef Discovery Tour: Day 2 in 4K

4 21

This video is from our second tour on the Bora Bora Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery. We’d read such great things that we booked this twice in case there was an issue with weather. Turns out that the second tour is when we started the day with a bit of rain. This time around, we saw lots of fish, moray eels, and eagle rays. The best part was the amazingly stunning coral gardens. We went to a different spot and the underwater landscape felt beautifully alien. The manta rays were hard to find this time around. Take a look at the video to get an idea of what your tour might be like! Our guide was Tuaiva and he was great.

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Rating: 4.59

  1. Der Leisereiter says

    Nice Video! I like the reef. Looks like the reefs on la Digue island. I will visit Bora Bora too.

  2. Acuarios FA says

    Que lastima me da ver todos esos corales blancos que han muerto producto del calentamiento global.

  3. Vincent Gerbouin says

    Great shots ! Bora i miss you !

  4. Daniele Bolognesi says

    Omg…all the white corals are dead..the results of global warming are terrible

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