The Revillos – Scuba Scuba (Japanese)

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Re-recorded version of a classic Revillos song. This is from 1994 and featured Kid Krupa on Guitar. Krupa had returned to the Revillos’ fold for some dates in Japan. This was recorded alongside a great version of Yeah Yeah and a new song – Crush.

Rating: 4.92

  1. machikoramona says


  2. London1977able says

    Scuba Scuba

  3. devilinthenewman says

    @hige23z Not sure who did the translation for this record either.

  4. hige23z says


  5. devilinthenewman says

    Pretty sure its Fay singing the Japanese translation lyrics. No sign of her Scottish twang here!

  6. punkrockefeller says

    another great posting & slideshow!
    but, hey, is fay singing this one?

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