1. Blader Dan says

    1.Volcano rumble almost gonna explose
    2. Earthquake
    3. TSUNAMI

  2. Amelia Amelia says

    I’ll add that to bucket list

  3. Manny_Absolute says

    Related to dutch?

  4. Rob S. says

    from 17 meters up to 2 meters?!

  5. TheGamerTutorial Kiddo says

    Great video!

  6. kristina omalley says

    Is this real or from a comedy show

  7. Tony Anthony says

    Ohh it's just a reenactment. Fuck it. What's the point.

  8. Anastasia Dicoski says

    Knew it.

  9. Gerardo Diaz says

    what I do during a tsunami:
    day 1: jump in the pool
    day 2: get my swimsuit and my pool stuff and go in the tsunami
    day 3: just go in a really tall hotel and watch it and take a video of it

    btw there is no natural disasters at where I live xD

  10. The Mediumfella says

    These people need to have some god damn faith.

  11. Patsy says

    Wouldn't the best place to be during a tsunami be the hell away from the ocean? But agree to disagree.

  12. Sanen Longkumer says

    I was a member of that crew, it was once in a life experience.

  13. Hans Wurst says

    This video is shit

  14. HoboGotCash says

    Thought the fish was chilling right beneath and be like "Whoaaaa"

    Guess i was wrong..

  15. —_*SlickySlickDo* _— says

    The best place to be during a tsunami?

    In a different country

  16. Glutamate Sulphate says

    Deep Diving with disable people? That's a stupid idea! If I would never encourage my disable child to take part in such dangerous activity

  17. Cookie Crumb says

    Yay marlin childhood members

  18. Leonard Johnson says

    To me I hope I'm long gone from this world before the granddaddy of tsunamis​ hit

  19. Miss Molly says

    Just one more reason for me to never go scuba diving.

  20. Mitty gacha’s 단점 says

    1. Best thing to do in tsunami eat your snacks and put on your goggles and
    flippers and a baby float :> and your all set

  21. Inocencio Joven Abunan says

    I survived in a tsunami

  22. isabelalaj says


  23. DeadPool says

    lol I will just go on a plane so the tsunami won’t go into the clouds and it won’t be in a different country… hahahah clever me.

  24. Suzzanne Stofko says

    This had to have been Boxing Day, omg that was a very deadly quake and tsunami, I remember watching a doc about these divers.

  25. K It says

    Interesting to hear what happens underwater.

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