1. teemuz says


  2. Madison the Athlete says

    Y -40 is the deepest that is the second deepest

  3. Sam Johnson says

    Holy fucking shit

  4. Olivier Dmitruk says

    USD the ladder

  5. Jake Fig says

    Everyone freaking out about the diver breathing quickly, in scuba training, you're taught to breathe CONSTANTLY. Holding your breath can be extremely dangerous while diving.

  6. Austin Cantu says

    Theres been freedivers who swim to the bottom without anything but a mask and fins

  7. felicito rico says

    Who could go that deep

  8. jason ta gay e ta chupa dolo says

    damn, this nigga breathing too much.hyperventilating

  9. Welcome The Door says

    I want to try this buut I'm just a mother fucking 9 years old kid

  10. Tyson Creager says

    sounds like he has a stuffy nose/ breathing problem lol

  11. Alina Robinson says


  12. Tiana Erickson says


  13. Failz With A Z Hurt says

    you not get me in there not even for 100,000,000,000,000$$

  14. Todd Anderson says

    thats mean

  15. FULLtimeGOONER says

    Your all so fat

  16. kooksunite904 says

    try to learn how to breathe deeper and slower

  17. Miguel Morejon says

    Your air consuming efficiency is not good

  18. Sushi 123 says

    I live like five miles from theree and go there every month. 🙂

  19. UpcoRaul says

    Someone should build a giant squid that looks like it's watching up and place it at the bottom.

  20. 1046Fay says

    I'd love to dive Nemo

  21. Sushi 123 says

    I live 15 minutes driving away from here lol

  22. 16cliffedge says

    nicer in the ocean

  23. Sarah McNulty says

    thats it im heading to belgium

  24. danielhack8878 says

    It is about 35m deep and it was built for hobby diving and diving lessons. It was also built for underwater scenes in film productions.

  25. Ben says

    Scuba suits 🙂

  26. DrawXAngel says

    3,000 feet there you go

  27. Geno Hernandez says

    Is your trainers name Angel? He looks familiar

  28. Aaron Frank says

    Seabear yes but you would have to stop every now and then to equalize the pressure

  29. Chyna Glenn says

    I'd be scared swimming in that shit alone .

  30. Evan Zuniga says

    About 93 ft

  31. Max Salem says

    how deep

  32. seabear swisher says

    Don't you get water in your ears?

  33. FLOKER SIERRA says

    Yeaa very well frien upload more 😀

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