Tubbataha Reef Diving via Expedition Fleet Oceanic Explorer

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Tubbataha Reef diving is a truly unique experience. Rated among world’s top ten dives, this UNESCO World Heritage site features vivid colors, variety of unspoiled corals and abundance of marine life. Diving on this twin atol ranges from shallow coral gardens to the immense vertical walls, splendid night dives and multiple wreck sites. On the other hand, I must admit that even here, a lot of damage to the corals could be seen and planning of diving on the liveaboard trips could potentially be improved from the part of the Expedition Fleet operator. For a detailed video review of the ship (Oceanic Explorer) and the whole liveabord diving trip, please check out my video review here:


Rating: 4.80

  1. Artem Klimov says

    Where is this music from? What artist/band?

  2. chino igorot says

    The Garden of Eden, will visit you soon!

  3. Maria Luz McFarland says

    Marvelous reef !

  4. Yueze Lou says

    good footages
    did u use a color filter?

  5. gfriend says

    this is where I live Philippines !

  6. Lillian Wendt says

    You are so lucky to have dove with dolphins <3
    Spinners are quite beautiful, aren't they?

  7. charles hu says

    @1:58 turtle! you need to work on your buoyancy! turtle! u destroying coral! stahp! staaaahhhppppp~~~!!!!!!! cries

  8. Reign Heart says


  9. Chefferey Gay says

    Who did you dive with, and what are the prices like? Awesome video by the way!

  10. Zesty Breakfast Burrito says

    Hi! We're The Clean Initiative, a high school student group aiming to make creative ways of raising awareness about environmental concerns. May we please have permission to borrow some of your clips?

  11. Vera Venus says

    amazing video!. i hope to explore tubbatahha reef soon..#bucketlis "=_

  12. CNLE PN says

    Dear admin, please see your inbox. Thanks!

  13. sasha038 says

    This is the first GoPro?

  14. sasha038 says

    Unreal <3 Thanks for showing the natural beauty of the Philippines 🙂 Its definitely under appreciated.

  15. ROWI Design says

    Great Video, good job!

  16. Johnnyjnegron says

    Amazing video! Job well done wow !

  17. Fred D says

    That Turtle is destroying the reef ! Somebody kill it with fire or make soup with it !

  18. Fred D says

    I wanna go and take all this corals for my tank !!

  19. Fumfie says

    Just look at the overwhelming beauty of the ocean waves. I really believe that the Go Pro is a revolutionary invention. Great capture! 

  20. Jackie Silva says

    Sir, I would like to get permission of using some of the video clips that you have here for my sister's project in her school if that is okay? We would give proper credits as well.

  21. Brenan Corbin says

    shared this on GOPRO Amateurs on FB great vid.! GO check it out!

  22. Elise Weekley says

    I love this video. Ocean life can be so peaceful. I just look at it and think "wow, look what God has made. It's so beautiful." I want to be a part of trying to save our oceans. If people don't take care of the earth then things like this will be gone some day.

  23. Sage Sy says

    how does this look so good, when i went to tubbataha i also used a gopro and i had the dive housing, but it looked bad. pls give me some advice 

  24. MsBrittanyTV says

    I'm 14 and I want to be marine Bio.(: btw great video!

  25. DC PTY says

    Nothing like nature…its hypnotic

  26. steven harper says

    awesome video. Ive been to Palawan a few times and dreamed about diving there. Ive now completed my open water course so now i hope i can!!

  27. SEA - AIR - LAND says

    many thanks 🙂 keep divin' !!!

  28. UNAVE says

    Great Video! I want to go back and dive again — thank you!

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