1. GimpGunfighter says

    Guys do I have to be a commercial diver to do Search and Recovery / Salvage work? and how do I go about getting in with a dive service any info would be helpful

  2. Prayas Nag says

    Hello sir i am truely interested to make career in scuba diving… I need information about it shall we talk on what's app??

  3. tyson1ize says

    yea most of these jobs require a commercial ticket in Australia at least and remember if it's that easy everybody would be doing it

  4. Skeeter Saurus says

    I got my PADI OW in 1989, and for 20-years, did nothing with it other than recreational diving. My guess is that I had $2,000 in gear investments, and no telling how much expense in tank fills. In 2009, two friends talked me into building a large gold-dredge/sluice (I can weld quite well), and I built a monster of a dredge (8-inch pump, 30-hp Yanmar diesel engine, on-board air compressor with reservoir and hookah setup), and ended up putting about $6,000 into building it…while the 'friends' interest died out when the building bills came due initially, I convinced my wife to 'team with me'…and we began travelling and dredging (where legal to do so), and found nearly instant success – 3, 4, 5 (even one 11) ounce clean-out (DAILY!)…By our estimation, we've reclaimed ABOUT $305,000 in gold in the past decade…while expending MAYBE $45,000 in travel expense, gear, maintenance…the pay off was getting OFF of tank fills, and ONTO 'surface air' diving, while finding a 'hobby' we could turn into a 'full-time' adventure! Wish I'd thought of it when I was 18, that's for SURE!

  5. Widget says

    What about a marine surveyor? I'm studying marine and freshwater conservation and I'm going for dive certifications so I can do marine surveys with my ecology and it would be great if I could do it without having to pay in every time.


    Or mowe lawns and pressure wash

  7. dharmapunk5 says

    I live on a sailboat full time. I can't tell you how many time's I've been asked by boaters I know, hey can you change my zincs? How much would you charge to scrape my hull? If I hung a shingle out I imagine I'd have all kinds of opportunity coming my way.

  8. tangolobo says

    Love this video! Fantastic ideas! Thank you!

  9. M S says

    Some of your suggestions are a bit off… pool repairs, working on docks or boats, salvage and recovery jobs should be carried out by professionals and as a by the side job… and especially not as a one man job. don’t get me wrong but there are a lot of commercial trained divers out there that face serious accidents every year working within a properly trained team and equipment. there’s nothing wrong with golf ball recoveries and smaller clean up jobs but be aware of its environment… nets electric cables for underwater lighting etc… in my opinion it is wrong to encourage sports divers for diving jobs (it seems to be the same but it’s not)… i don’t say what anyone should do but stay aware! and don’t use equipment underwater that you are not familiar with (lifting bags as example)… cheers

  10. Roy Atkins says

    I would love to have your shop number please. I one you gave me want to a young lady that had no clue

  11. Roy Atkins says

    The number you gave me was not the right number. Some young lady answered and said she gets this call all the time

  12. Roy Atkins says

    I have a question. I bought a drysuit off eBay and I will wondering if you could add regular drysuit wrist seals to a suit that don't normally have them. There is some rips in one wrist and I was wondering if I trimmed the wrist back some can I add the regular wrist seal. I think my neck seal will need to be replaced soon. Once I get the suit I tried it on and connected the air hose to it and it seems to be holding air. Can you give me advice or do a video please

  13. Kyle McCulloch says

    Awesome Video. I'm wanting to get into Dock repair to make some money on the side. How do you bill customers? I'm assuming there is a trip fee just to see what is needed for repair which will require a dive. Then another estimate of repairs. What is a fair hourly wage?

  14. JCA ELITE SCUBA says

    Hey, Bryan… what legal considerations does the diver need to be aware of as well as protect themselves from being sued by the person requesting service if their property gets damaged? Does this position require a business license, tax identification number, liability insurance or a bond?

  15. Aristotle Penaranda says

    What are my options to be able to become a certified dive equipment technician?

  16. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    This was very informative, well done!

  17. b st john says

    I inspect water tanks for a local fire suppression company

  18. Alan Rodriguez says

    Curious, I want to become an instructor and move with my job. Where in the U.S would I look for as an entry level instructor

  19. Roy Atkins says

    You're killing me. I own a pool business and I'm the only one in this area that will do underwater patch repairs. I have done the golf ball recovery also until a 4 foot gator decided to sit on my back. I'm still working on trying to see what I can do about becoming a instructor. Have you heard or do you know much about Hall's career institute in the Florida keys. I'm talking with them now.

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