The boys 1st Scuba Dive

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My two boys Logan and Zach having some pool fun and giving SCUBA a try. Nothing special about this video.. just a few crazy kids, including their dad. FYI, shot using two GoPro Hero3 cams. one Black one White edition. I think I need to re grade the color in this now that I look at it.. its off.

Rating: 4.59

  1. cleetusplays says

    How old are you??

  2. Fair rides and more LIVE ! says

    Normaly you need to be at least 11 or 12 years old to use scuba gear I started at 12 and I'm now a open water diver but anyway good video

  3. fOr ThE bOiS says

    Wait till you go in the ocean

  4. Hal Bowles says



  5. Melodee Sea says

    Very cool vid! My three boys all were certified when they became 10

  6. Jess Chan says

    Almost makes me wish I had a pool in my backyard growing up, but I did get certified and had many dives with my dad when I was 13.

  7. Kathleen Burgess says

    Can I scuba dive in the pool

  8. shamir khan khan says



    awsome work on the video great scuba diving

  10. Lady Horror says

    😮 those tanks are so cute

  11. Focus Funny Channel says

    I like your videos and subscribed.

  12. Tony Home says

    That's really nice.

  13. Stephanie Manning says

    I'd love a parts list for putting this together.  My husband and I are certified and my 6 year old is very interested.  It would be pool and shoreline at the beach use like this.  So much fun.

  14. Zp Adventures says

    Offsprings kids aren't all right

  15. Zp Adventures says

    Love this song

  16. Hau Thang says


  17. Jack Gerard says

    I'm certified and I'm 11

  18. Brett Clark says

    Yeah very cool. Nice they can learn from dad.

  19. Jethro says

    Damn I thought they were diving with enriched air

  20. MopedTimmy says

    What size tanks r those ??? And good vid you guys r have a blast

  21. H20doctor says

    looks like a blast … how long did they get on those Bug tanks ?? LOL

  22. Mastersoniczachm says


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