Cozumel Mexico Scuba trip 2018

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I met up with John T on this epic Scuba Diving trip in Cozumel Mexico. Visibility and sea-life were outstanding on the trip.

Dive sites:
Santa Rosa Wall

Shot on GoPro 6 Black. 4 Dives random depths up to 40m (131ft)

GoPro light used:

Rating: 5.00

  1. John Thomas says

    Cant wait for my trip in July now

  2. Jim Ryan says

    Awesome video. Very nicely edited. Can’t wait for my trip in March.

  3. Carrie Robertson Meyer says

    Cool video! We're planning a trip to Cozumel this Dec – would like to talk to you offline about your trip if you have time. Find me on Facebook at Carrie Robertson Meyer. I'm a member of CC Kiteboarding Facebook group too.

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