Why Learn to Scuba Dive?

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Mark counts down five reasons why you should to scuba dive.

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  1. Rea Raghunanan says

    Friends. Travel and adventure best reasons to learn.

  2. massgator1 says

    when i was 14 years old i asked my mother to take me to a dive shop so i could learn scuba diving but when we got there the guy that owned the dive shop said to me to learn scuba diving you must sign your name when he told me i had to sign my name to learn scuba diving i refused because i hated my name so much i lost out on it i also lost out on 2 dozen once in life time activites because i refused to sign my name on those activites as well i have now changed my old name to a new name now that i have a new name it doe's not bother me one bit that i lost out on all these once in a life time activites any one else who wants to learn scuba diving do not do it because you will be asked to sign your name like i was asked to i was asked to but i refused to do so.

  3. Big Red says

    Hi I am new to this and would like to start Scuba Diving soon, I worked on Livaboard dive boats as a chef in and around the Caribbean and have really wanted to get my open water. now I'm back in rainy England and have just found out there's a dive school in a lake around the corner from me! Any Advice on how to remember so much info while going through my open water course!!!? thankyou!

  4. Henry Pereira says

    Great stuff as usual.

    Keep it up.


  5. Laura Jack says

    I'm in the middle of doing my open water 20 course right now ^_^ amazing thing to do 🙂

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