1. Potato basses like to be petted. Like dogs.

  2. SimSphynx says

    I'm going to start my training soon, and going to get my qualifications at Sodwana

  3. Leigh S says

    red anemone on ribbon 🙂

  4. Leigh S says

    have not seen a pod that size in a long time

  5. Brightwater Scuba says

    Fabulous video work !

  6. Shani Janse van Rensburg says

    That Potato Bass is still there, and still very tame. Saw him/her on hotspot in June/July

  7. Ciskia Hanekom says

    I love this video, on which reef was this video taken? I was at Sodwana in September but saw nothing that's on this video 🙂 So I have to go back 🙂

  8. Leon Homan says

    Excellent video. What is that big spotted fish?

  9. James says

    This is one of the most awesome dive vids!

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