Scuba Diving VS Freediving Which is Better?

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Scuba Diving and Freediving are completely different activities suited for different locations and different styles of diving. Scubadiving is definitely best when it comes to observing the underwater world because of the time that a diver spends underwater though for interacting with marine life and the underwater world Freediving is often better because when diving on breath hold a diver is quieter and more agile

Ultimately they are both fantastic ways to explore the ocean and I believe that all freedivers should learn to scuba dive and all scuba divers should learn to freedive.

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  1. Mike Arroyo says

    I am scuba… but freedive seems AWESOME and easy !

  2. Tempest Rage says

    Scuba diving is better because you can breath underwater…..which nature didn’t intend for us….. so yeah.

  3. Bobby Mcnulty says

    I am puzzled can u breath underwater while snorkling/free email diving

  4. Joseph McDonagh says

    Freediving is better because i like how it relies more on physicality. How long can you hold your breath, how much pressure you can withstand etc.

  5. Jeffrey Babbidge says

    As a Commercial Diver; scuba seems silly/ to much like work. Freediving is fun, challenging, meditation like, & not like work.

  6. Saleem Roumaldaro says

    Hi Adam,

    I just came back from Mauritius island , lot of scuba diver have turned to freediving , recently the discover the causes of death of many among them , and were not accidental but was due to the compressed air in the tank, it appears that compressed gas is like smoking cigarette , one dive equals to 4 packs of cigarette , so overtime the lungs got busted , well homework for you to do and let us know your thoughts.


  7. CroulantRoulant says

    I thought Jacques Mayol was the first to descend below 100 m, at 49 ?
    (French pride haha….)
    who were you referring to ?

  8. silknfeathers says

    Irrelevant to me… Punctured Lung (impact) means no scuba. Freediving it is!!

  9. Seth Odom says

    I lived on an island when I was a kid and couldn't afford scuba stuff, so I taught myself to free dive

  10. Kat azarova says

    Someone pls tell me the difference between FREE DIVING and SKIN DIVING, i have the choice to do one of them but i dont know what I may prefer, thanks!

  11. Mathew Cobb says

    I feel like overall free diving is better for your health, your ego/swag if you wanna call it that and your observation while under water

  12. Neem Tree says

    Free diving can enhance ypur breathing so thats why i love free diving

  13. stephen s says

    Love the ocean too much to only explore it one breath at a time

  14. Sechaba Tlale says


  15. Casey Barrick says

    I actually started out freediving and scuba diving right around the same time (within about 2 months of each other). While freediving, I could only valsalva. Because I was diving down so fast and couldn’t equalize quickly. But with scuba, I slowly learned to frenzel since I had more time while descending. Now I’m doing frenzel for both! I’ve only been diving for about 9 months now. Freediving depth – 55 feet
    Scuba depth – 100 feet

    Both on frenzel 🙂

  16. Dee Cee says

    rebreathers make no noise and no bubbles so no treath ,seems you need to explore some more before giving advise

  17. Dee Cee says

    hookah diving is great to,forgot that one?

  18. strange 1 says

    Ive had animal interaction as a scuba diver I had a huge moray swim up to me and let me rub its head it was super

    Its true you are slower while scuba diving but I like to take it all in its sort of a zen experience for me I think freediving wouldnt fit the experience I am looking for but very well put together video

  19. Lehmann Peters says

    I do both.

  20. Chris P says

    "neither is better" *youtube name says freediver, 😛 hahahah I'm jk, I was initiated into the underwater world with scuba but I want to learn freediving cause I think it'll make me a better scuba and snorkeler since my breathe hold is really short, as well as my equalization skills lacking, but I see its not technically the same. Thanks Adam for such a great channel! keep up the good work bro! Still want to learn both 🙂

  21. Nhui Scubalism says

    Im a scuba instructor and taking freediving course now.

  22. uncleshan says

    saw your 104m freedive yesterday..
    unbelievable man… props to you. !!
    subbed ! ..
    keen to get into this freedive thing… im from wellington nz. have u ever been in the water here ?!
    im looking to start spearfishing and getting kai around here ( fish, paua, mussles, kina, crays…)
    keep up the good work!
    love your vids
    cheers !

  23. Terminal Cancer says

    Use a rebreather to not scare animals away

  24. tls_99 says

    The way I started freediving was I was scuba diving and I just got bored of breathing

  25. whynottalklikeapirat says

    I do both and they are just different things. Why compare apples and oranges.

  26. Tom Casarella says

    Have been Free diving since 10 years then scuba certified at 15 but since i like observing fish i just free dive now,and to quote Quint , i feel like a half assed astronaut with all that scuba gear on.

  27. Chase Kaplan says

    Both are beautiful and have their place in the world. When a diver of one kind tries to diss the other, they need a smack. Both can coexist just fine. I've never seen the problem. Thanks for an energetic and unbiased video dude! Rock on

  28. mehdi Jillabi says


  29. PioneerPauly says

    Man.. I love your energy and knowledge so much. Thanks for these

  30. attiume yami says

    U forgot an important one:

    If u plan on spearfishing anywhere outside of the US then forget scuba and take a freediving course cause most countries ban speafishing on scuba

  31. anotherhardcase says

    Ok, dumb question, but I figure this is the place to ask. I grew up in the ocean, free diving. I've heard that it's a terrible and dangerous idea to take a breath from a scuba tank at depth while freediving…. what would happen and why? Keep up the great videos! They are all really great.

  32. Ibrahim Sharim says

    hey adam which one is more risky??

  33. Darius Villa says

    Well, I'm pretty interested in freediving not to compete, but to explore the underwater world, which you said it can be done by SCUBA. In fact, using freediving to explore the underwater world like coral reefs can actually beat SCUBA for several reasons.
    Number one, recreational freediving costs less than SCUBA.
    B, freedivers barely exhale bubbles underwater that would scare the fish.
    C, it has much fewer equipment needs than SCUBA because to freedive in a tropical area, all you need is a mask and snorkel, meaning you can freedive while on snorkeling trips.
    D, there are much fewer decompression worries for freediving than for Scuba.
    I don't want to freedive for competition, though pushing my breath holding time and acting competitive will surely help my breath hold dives and breathing for SCUBA dives. I have never went diving, neither freediving nor SCUBA. But I know all this because I'm attracted to the ocean and I'm studying for Marine Biology, not to mention that living in Florida makes it a big plus. Plus, I kinda practice freediving by doing long underwater swims during my swim workout. So far, I could do 25 yards underwater without fins and 50 yards with fins.

  34. Khaye Ostan-larot says

    hi adam..
    I am a scuba diver.
    is it okay to use my jet fins in free dive?
    will it be more fast to descend using jet fin compare to long fins?

  35. Jake Hill says

    I like to compare SCUBA to Paddleboarding and Freediving to Surfing.

  36. joshua smith says

    I am a scuba diver, and I would like to learn how to free dive safely.

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