1. 5BNAC 5BNAC says

    what is your bcd of choice?

  2. Ximena Contreras Cordero says

    great video. thanks

  3. Tidal 9 says

    I would love to go on a dive there

  4. Simon Millward says

    Thanks for the review. Sorry to bother you with a mundane question, but I'm going to get a Litehawk. However, I'm not sure which would be the best size for me and I would appreciate your advice (given that you have experienced wearing one). I'm about about 6'4" (194 cm) tall, my waist is about 38" (96 cm), and I weigh around 212 lb (96 kg). I usually wear a 1mm or 3mm wetsuit. Even though I'm tall, my waist is reasonably trim and I'm not too overweight. So, I'm tempted to go for a M/L rather than XL/XXL. I think the bigger size might be a bit loose on me. I'd really appreciate your feedback as I'm about to travel home to the UK for Christmas and I won't have time to return the BCD if it's the wrong size. Thank you! (And thanks again for the advice about the Seawing Nova's that you provided in a different post. Very helpful).

  5. Sonny Crockett says

    Great review mate !!!

  6. Kmiester says

    Wicked underwater review!

  7. Joseph Ringling says

    Very nice review. Thanks!

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