Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS – Unboxing

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The Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is a compact personal locater beacon, PLB, that will lead AIS equipped ships directly to you if you’re lost at sea. Waterproof to 130m you can take it diving and if you surface and can’t find your boat just open it up, push the red button and the beacon will broadcast your location to vessels fitted with AIS up to 34 miles away.
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Rating: 4.50

  1. Ozzy Guy says

    This toy will just give divers a false sense of security. It DOESN'T transmit location to Cospas-Sarsat satellites so is no replacement for a real PLB!

  2. Ken Blakely says

    Such a technically bad review. How do you not know that GPS != AIS?

  3. Chris Wallace says

    Good review thank you. Its a good idea to understand ais and dsc which both work on a marine vhf radio. Gps coordinates are also sent through these vhf radio waves together with ais and dsc. You'll then know its true range at sea. Perfect for dive boats!

  4. Straightwhite Guy says

    2x123A batteries,not AA's

  5. Aaron Croes says

    it's actually 129,54 meters sir

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