How To Put On Thick Wetsuit Gloves With Ease

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How To Put On Thick Wetsuit Gloves With Ease

In this quick little Scuba Tip, Instructor Bryan Stafford shows you how you can assist your buddy with putting on thick wetsuit gloves with ease.

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  1. Ted Reitsma says

    Thereis a MUCH BETTER WAY. Buy some of the thin latex gloves that people use in food industry (people who make your sandwiches etc), put the latex glove on, then the neoprene glove will slide on your hand, smooth as silk. It is amazing. Only downside is that if you take gloves off between dives, you need new latex gloves each time. But a box of 100 is very cheap.

  2. GlamazonBarbie says

    The timing of this video. I have to laugh. I am home now from a wonderful weekend with wonderful new Open Water students doing their Monterey checkout. Here's the scene. 46F air temp and pouring down rain. Student diver's gloves still wet from yesterday and getting wetter in the rain. He can't get them on. I just demonstrated that exact same technique only hours ago. What a small world we live in. The only difference between your video and my morning was saying to the student, "Let's get in the ocean and warm up." LOL!

    Keep up the good work. I love your YouTube channel, but I've told you that before 😉

  3. dharmapunk5 says

    5ml pfft, I use 7ml. Just razzing you, that's the method I use with my buddies, works like a charm.

  4. andthecowsaysmoo4 says

    Awesome vid. Thanks for the steady flow of useful tips!

  5. Calvin Cousins says

    I find it hard to take them off lol

  6. Rev Tech, LLC says

    Fill it up with water. Our your hand under the water the water will displace the space in the glove and push itself out of the way when you put your hand then allowing it to slip into place you could always use hot water I wouldn't recommend the yellow water though

  7. b st john says

    A little suit juice works 4 me or a little blue dawn 10% & water 90%

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