Treasure dive found rare old bottle flag and shipwrecks

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In today’s dive video I found a pretty cool old bottle from Marquette Bottling works, a flag, a few shipwrecks and a fair amount of trash. I like to clean up the lake a little bit each time to try and leave it a little cleaner than I find it. Just trying to make the world a little better place to be.

I put a picture of the bottle on a local FB page and it sparked quite a discussion about the bottling company. It closed many years ago but many local folks including family members of the original owners. It can be found in this public group but may take some searching:

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Diver Don

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  1. Tazzzie Adventures says

    Wounder how many boat uses know all that timber is still sticking up to be hit. Cool you have a bench on the bottom if you get tiered 🙂

  2. JB Robertson says

    I really like your videos but I really don't like your choice in music

  3. Edmond Pecot Jr. says

    Mardi Gras beads, music, a bottle of something and a yacht??? hmmm?? ps.thank you for picking up Ole Glory..

  4. Jeff Lane says

    Can you let me know the name and size of your scrap bag you use still cant find one around here
    And if you remember where you got it

  5. BlairForce 1 says

    Dude that 10k so close. 2 words river trashure! Can't sleep. Hope I didn't wake ya.

  6. YellowSunrise FamilyHome says

    Great video, Don. You can tell there's more traffic in this spot, more stuff in the water :/

  7. Tyler Townsend says

    I gotta dive that part of the harbor now. Looks more interesting

  8. Tyler Townsend says

    I gotta dive that part of the harbor now. Looks more interesting

  9. BlairForce 1 says

    I'd call dibs on the beads 'cept I know what that entails lol.

  10. Downunder Dan says

    Great location!
    Loved it

  11. Veronika KUBIZŇÁKOVÁ says


  12. volga volga says

    Beautyfull bench! It must be raised, i think.

  13. Squatch Thumper says

    Nice finds

  14. Adventures with Purpose says

    HaHa… you Totally missed a great selfie opportunity with that bench down there. Crazy that the bench was so far off from any spot where it could have been tossed it. Wonder how it got to that specific location.

  15. Luciano caloi says

    Planeta terra maravilhoso, parabéns pelas imagens.

  16. Ugo1970 says

    Hello Don, thanks for your great videos – they are all fantastic. I have recently got my certification and I look forward to diving on wrecks as well, one day. What depth are these particular ones?

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