1. gabriel garcia morales says

    What mark are those fins?

  2. martin mystere says

    i cant use fins…. my sprained ankle of last year starts aching when i start using those… i swim without and the ache starts only after 30min or so

  3. Savage Dragon says

    How much weight do you usually use with that wetsuit when you go freediving?

  4. Jay Ch says

    Amazing… What types of swim fins will make your strengthten your calves and lover legs more? Thank you

  5. Elektronik mal einfach says

    The gear and the movemend look so cool!

  6. Денис Харин says

    В чем прикол? Проплыл 50 И ???

  7. Arcturus says

    you guys actually look like some sort of fish with those long fins

  8. Jagger02 says

    How far have we come as a species… That guy looking like a fish down there.

  9. Crystal Freediving says

    Are you not using weights? I might be wrong but looks like you have positive buoyancy…

  10. Makc says

    Nice technique

  11. Quicksilver17 says

    How would you tread with those

  12. ғυsιηgøρтιcs says

    Ahh thanks

  13. ғυsιηgøρтιcs says

    Where did you get that suit from

  14. Fishing Rod says

    Sick pool! Where is this?

  15. Albert MR says

    how long are your fins blade


    ini dimana

  17. leaderfins ? soft blade ?

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