Best Torches – 2019

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Best Torches – 2019
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In our dive torch department, we have everything from compact backup lights to powerful primary torches and umbilicals with everything in between. If it’s made to produce light underwater then you’ll find it here. Underwater dive torches allow divers to see in dark places and replace colors quickly lost whilst underwater, returning the reds to what you see and photograph.


Dive Torch Collection

3600 Short Light

Nova Light 850R

R20 Torch

Sola Dive 2000

Action 16

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Rating: 4.67

  1. Eduardo galvez says

    I bought the seac and flodded on the first dive due the desing that it has for the focal length of the light is also at the end with a part that unscrews and I didn't notice that and flodded, and a few other people had the same issue I wouldn't recommend it :/

  2. Charles Clements says

    I have an old yet perfectly good flash light. It is a SE200 Underwater Kinetic. The Rechargeable battery died but I am able to use a regular battery. I have a bulb in it however it is not the style bulb that came with the flash light. I tried to contact the company twice but they avoid me like a plague. Do you think that you could help me get parts?

  3. Terry Jill Loyd says

    I use 5.2 12 LED light monkey rechargeable light as my primary and I have two Scubapro Nova 720's as backups. While cave diving it is imperative that a diver always had three lights. The brighter the better I always say ( unless your silted out )

  4. Fab G. says

    Hi, is it possible to use the Sola torch with a drysuit (Santi E-Lite + with dry gloves) or is the goodman handle to small for it? Thank you.

  5. The Goose says

    Loving the NY0040

  6. Yechiel Rechtschaffen says

    You often talk about the red sea. Will we ever see you guys here? Will be happy to show you around…

  7. Samuel Self says

    I'm thinking of an ORCATORCH D611 Cree XPH70 canister light with a Z Gear BCD light Mount so I can put the light-head on my shoulder or somewhere else on my BCD.

  8. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    When are you guys going to strike up good trade deals with halcyon? When will the halcyon focus lights be available?

  9. Bacon Suds says

    Hey guys, i would like to see an video like dream gear though out the year, and jump through every other year something innovative came out.

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