1. Trevor B says

    Yeah..Ive had my eye on this watch for a long time now..Sometime ago I got a killer deal on a Casio Parhfinder PAG240 and love it. After reading so many complaints about the Core..Ive decided its not for me. I want a watch I dont need to constantly be fukn with…The no solar power is a deal breaker itself. Think I will spend a lil extra and order the Casio Protrek PRW2500. Solar power..Atomic time..moon phase..all the features of the core….and classic Casio durability.
    Im so sick of these companies selling inferior quality products and not standing behind it. Even Suunto knows its a cheaply made piece of shit.

  2. D 5 says

    My God son, clip your damn nails!!!!

  3. Sasidhran Selvadurai says

    Dude, honestly your video is good. I don't like Suunto though, it's no use for 'real' outdoor people. Maybe for insta hikers. Just one thing man, I dont have anything against your nail but don't feed those people ya. Maintain your composure, soldier.

  4. Wolf3fd says

    The strap is gonna be a problem. I had the same one (not the same watch), it cracked near the body of the watch, after few weeks it broke off. Could not fine any cheap replacement. Get a watch were you can but the strap separetly, especially if its made out of rubber

  5. TwentyOneTwelve says

    Can you change temp from C to F ???

  6. Patil Sandip says

    What the price of this gadget

  7. alireza rezaee says

    The strap material quality is very cheap.

  8. ScubaTastic says

    Sorry but I think the design is too flat for an army watch. Only the necessary functions have been considered. The display does not seem suitable for a lot of sunlight since it works in opposite contrast. I would not buy it as an army watch but as a diving watch perhaps if he would be suitable for it. I think the compass is a nice addition. But i like the brand Suunto i have a divecomputer in my gear right now.

  9. Ali Alfraje says

    كم السعر

  10. Donnie Darko says

    I"m in the military we dont wear watches like this. We wear Seikos or G shocks.

  11. C.G.C says

    Are you sure you need it or is it just a little toy?

  12. SlowRiotNewKanada says

    Oi, you got a loicense for that knife, mate?

  13. Daniel Hightower says

    China's finest

  14. Jenna nguyen says

    FAKE Suunto Core All Black Military Watch.
    I hope you know that.hahahahahaha FAKE WATCH

  15. Daris says

    what is the price?

  16. frckBronks says

    had to leave early, painful to watch

  17. Jose Ruiz says

    Could you do a nail clippers review and how to use them? Lol

  18. Ben Dover says

    9:26 … Does anybody know if Suunto Core All Black is Made in Finland or China??

  19. SiRHybrid1 says

    These are garbage. Overhyped by the Magpul guys and the Equalizer movie.

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