Setting Up The Mares Quad Air

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Setting Up The Mares Quad Air

Here is a short video showing you how to set up the Mares Quad Air Dive Computer.

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  1. Edward Nicoletti says

    Thank you for the video!

  2. Albert Bell says

    Great video very informative … I’ve just purchased this computer not used it yet … have always used Oceanic.

  3. Albert Bell says

    If set for Nitrox and you dive on air setting will computer still record dive?

  4. Guillermo Pelaez says

    Great video, very simple… I do have a Mares Quad (not the Air model) and this is like a refresh course for a not as often as I wish diver!!! The Quad has worked great to me so far, and the big nos. are a plus down there… Thanks a lot!

  5. Dave Puig says

    Any chance you can do a similar video on the new Aqua Lung i770r?

  6. Gary Miller says

    Thanks so much, I have look for this exact kind of video! The search is over. Always enjoy your posts, no matter the subject you choose!

  7. moralesforlife says

    Awesome video keep putting them out also if you could do one for a scuba pro computer of the same type if possible. Also can you do a full face mask review. Thanks buddy love your work

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