Alternate Air Source With Full Face Mask

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Alternate Air Source With Full Face Mask

How do you use your Full Face Mask and an Alternate Air Source? We get asked this all the time. Here is a video showing you how I use it for a particular type of diving that I do. Remember there is no one right or wrong way to do it, just make sure you practice with the set up you have and become proficient with it.

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  1. Lamont says

    Really enjoyed your video I am the type of diver I do not like the big and bulky I am one that swims light basically with the mini system would you recommend any many systems to go with this mask and if so could you touch on the best size tanks other than the big and bulky tanks.. but let me reiterate I love my Ocean Reef mask just need a better smaller tank system to integrate

  2. Rithy Chhean says

    I'm having a hard time finding good mounts for my G divers FFM. I like your 1) camera mount in this video and 2) swivel light mounts on your extender frame. Can you give me an idea to find similar mounts?

    Thanks, love your videos!

  3. Daniel Anderson says

    Please educate me, but why not just have a quick connect on the Alt hose, disconnect main when out of air and connect the alt instead?

  4. Rusty Eel says

    we use the Inspiro aga that connects to the Kirby Morgan side block. the main supply is connected to the one way valve and bailout connects to the port above. simply half turn the handle and your breathing from your bail out. simple easy and quick, no need to remove the mask and little that can go wrong. much safer.

  5. sonya bunyan says

    I'm getting the aga mask so if I run out of air I can attach the air in easyly

  6. Jeff Morgan says

    Here is another approach using some second stage Quick Disconnects as others may have done.

    Application typical recreational configuration in non-hazmatic environment.

    One Aluminum 80 or Steel 100 main bottle –> 30" long low-pressure black hose –> 2nd stage QD connector –> GDivers FFM 2nd stage reg.

    Aluminum 19c Pony –> 36" long-pressure yellow hose –> 2nd stage QD connector –> Alt Air XS Scuba "2nd stage puck reg".
    2nd stage reg is clipped to chest strap in the lower right corner of the safety triangle.

    In this configuration if the main bottle runs dry and buddy supply is not instantly available the diver could disconnect the FFM and drop that hose, disconnect the hose from the 2nd stage octo and connect it to the FFM reg restoring supply.

    If the FFM 2nd stage gets stuck on free flow and a quick resolution can't be realized the diver could elect to disconnect the low pressure hose from the FFM at the QD, ditch FFM and connect the alternative 2nd stage regulator to the main bottle hose at the QD connector restoring a typical supply.

    In this configuration one can retain the surface air valve with out a second regulator attached to the FFM.

    Thoughts, comments or potential concerns are welcome as I'm here to learn and share ideas…

  7. Richie Summers says

    I personally think that no matter what kind of diving you do, having a full face mask rig in your bag is a damn good thing to have.

  8. Connor McNiece says

    I am curious if you have sealing issues with your beard. Is this ever a problem for you?

    Thinking about getting one, and I had 3 concerns- depressuring, alternate air source and sealing with beard

    Your video is super informative and helpful! Thanks!

  9. Zach Hubbard says

    Where did you get the mount for the camera

  10. James King says

    Where do you get the shut off valve from?

  11. ignacio S.G says

    You like the exo 26 ?

  12. Jack La Lone says

    Thank you for the video. Just ordered my FFM and this helped for a alternative air source question i had

  13. Palmetto Scuba says

    why don't you use a switching block?  This mask looks very bulky..

  14. Mike Brady says

    Hey! Great videos. Curious if you've ever used the OTS guardian? Considering an entry level FFM but, surprisingly , can't find many comparisons from the Ocean Reef and OTS.

  15. uberacx says

    Too bulky!

  16. joshua lee says

    Wow great vid!
    Wish I was rich enough to buy one of them tho:(

  17. V Vogt says

    great info

  18. Casualguy 939 says

    Excellent video. I've been checking for vids about these masks and came across this video after seeing several, but this one is simple and informative. 10/10

  19. Daniel Severs says

    Would be great to see a vid with the gas switch block mounted. Thanks for this vid, I had always wondered what stopped ffm divers draining their alternate air source with out a switching mechanism.

  20. JeremyDelille says

    Great video! Thank you 🙂 But your link for the online shop is not working (and neither on your website LakeHickory)… I liked this idea of a switch on the regulatorhose. To be tried on sidemount or separate tanks (cave diving…). Doesn't it exist with a "handle" rather than a clip, just to be more secure?And the FFM… wonderful but still a bit expensive when work does not cover the fees :p I heard talking about a new Ocean Reef's for recreational divers… Maybe interesting it may be 🙂

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