Best Drysuits – 2019

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Best Drysuits – 2019
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In this weeks scuba advice video Mark breaks down our favorite drysuits (in no particular order of course) and if you looking for a new drysuit why you should buy them.






Fusion Aircore

D1X Hybrid

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Artist: Mikos Da Gawd –

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Rating: 4.68

  1. Tom Bodera says

    Great videos guys. Great job on the amount of quality content you produce. I dive the Apeks whitesuit and love it with the Ultima dry glove system.

  2. NS Dive Gear says

    Good video

  3. African Twin says

    I only like Otter, and Santi. But Santi cost way too much .

  4. Daniel Anderson says

    How about Scubapro Evertech?

  5. Katie ruzicka says

    seaskin nova! customized and low price

  6. Erik Nodland says


  7. boatman Bermuda says

    Dear Simply Scuba
    Santi all the way!!

  8. Nigel Bryant says

    If you want a decent drysuit for diving in the UK go direct to Othree. Best drysuits by far.

  9. Paul Grill says

    What about the BARE X-Mission Evolution?

  10. It’s me Curt says

    You guys are awesome, I’m booked in a PADI scuba diving course, you’re so inspiring

  11. BenediktP13 says

    Still recommend the E.Motion+ over the E.Lite+ for 99.9% of people since the perfect fit is just easier to accomplish since the material is just a bit more flexible and forgiving especially with the 1-2cm possible difference due to weight gain. Ather than that the E.Lite is pretty much overkill for non cave divers.

    Also are there any valid arguments for the D1X for tec divers versus the other established drysuit brands.

  12. joshua smith says

    I'm a Texas diver, I ain't going diving when it's colder than a wholly booger.

  13. Keith H says

    SF Tech drysuits because they're the best !… I also like the fourth element and when are you lot going to stock Light Monkey kit … oh and Gralmarine GL7 led lights are the nutts …

  14. Stevan Gajic says

    I got D1X recently…best purchase ever!

  15. Janine Mahlitz says

    Hello SimplyScuba!

    I use the Expedition SE of the manufacturer ScubaForce, Germany. He, the drysuit, has all the functions I'm looking for. For example changeable cuffs on the neck and on the arms. Stitched boots with velcro on the ankles. In addition, it is very robust in stressed areas of Kevlar. And he sits without adaptation! I also tried the D1X at the biggest water sports fair – The Boot in Düsseldorf. This suit is actually made only for people of special stature.

    p.s. i like your videos!
    How about a video about the different glove and cuff systems?

    Greetings from germany!

  16. Wizatek says

    Me, and a lot of people from our dive club use the relatively unknown TopStar dry suits.
    Tailor made for a really sharp price.
    Twin shell, 5mm neoprene with a strong second layer.
    Never had a single drop of water inside, which is quite rare nowadays

  17. C4M0K41 says

    Love the new intro

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