1. Pandit Reuvers says

    Does this also work for the Zoop NOVO divecomputer?

  2. Bruce B says

    as soon as the circuit diagram came out, he lost me….

  3. Sam says

    Hey there,

    Would you be interested in talking with me for a bit about my Holis DG 03? It use a proprietary cable as well that interfaces with three pins on the watch. Would love to reverse engineer it and release the schematic. Would be incredibly useful to hear about your process.


  4. fong cheng ieong says

    Hi, I did try to use this circuit B4 but it didn't work for DM4, so I gave up…Thank you for your present let me pick it up again, BTW, may I have the download link of the XMLDOWNLOADED EXPLORER.exe.
    All the best.

  5. pony boy says

    So you do this and then can't use the suunto application? Good job.

  6. Anonymous says

    Any chance you could email me with detailed instructions? Its been a while since i've done this kind of work!

  7. pixonian says

    Added link to a circuit in the description.

  8. Ruofei Cheah says

    Thanks for the video! can you share the link or high resolution picture of the circuit diagram? Can't see clearly in the video. thanks!

  9. Laurentiu Antofi says

    super!!! 10x

  10. Joseph Kuah says


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