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A fogging mask can really mess up your dive or snorkel! Luckily it is easy to prevent and therefore we provide you with 4 simple ways to prevent your mask from fogging!

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  1. 50ft Below says

    Cressi has a mask that claims you don't need any of this tips! Check out our review:

  2. mikeandbarb says

    Did I see BEER TAPS by that sink?!? My kind of dive facility!!

  3. Sergio Seixas says

    Hello, great videos, specially the buoyancy ones. Yes, I do agree with you regarding how annoying fogging is since I have serious problems with it and I simply cannot explain why. My mask was a Cressi Liberty Triside mono lens with 2 sided lens, which I love, but I had so much problems with fogging that I used to allow a small amount of water inside my mask to help clearing it during dives. The Liberty Triside has a profile not so close to the face allowing me to keep a bit of water inside. Tired of that fogging and tired of trying to get free from it, I decided to buy the new Cressi Calibro with the Fog Stop technology patented by Cressi. I've bought it last November 2018 and have used it during 10 dives and…it keep fogging!!!!. Last Saturday, January 12, 2019, I've used it in a 25 meters wreck dive (14ºC) and it hang without fogging for a bit. The second dive was in a 10-15 meters (21ºC) and was a hell of dive trying to get free from fogging…simply cannot understand.Well, ty for your videos!!!

  4. tkmcdon says

    I love your videos! A video on Full Face Scuba Masks would be great. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  5. DracariaEntertainment says

    Instead of toothpaste. Or in addition to using toothpaste.

    Take a can of coke. Pour it inside the mask. And let it sit there overnight. Then in the morning wash it out. This is what we do for all our students that buy masks from us we do it for them. Then the next day when we go for our dive 1 and 2 of the open water course, they have their new mask ready to go. Tje coke eats away at the residue just like the toothpaste, but it just works better

  6. Al Edge says

    A guy I was diving with just used some washing up liquid and washed it out before each dive. I tried it and it worked better than the cressi anti fog spray. Is this commonly used?

  7. dharmapunk5 says

    I use a drop of baby shampoo in each lens rub it around and rinse before the dive. It keeps my mask fog free, and if there is any soap left over it doesn't burn my eyes.

  8. jug1man says

    Tip for clearing a fogging mask underwater. Ease the mask away from your face enough to let a little water in. Rotate your head around so the water washes over the interior of the lens. From there clear the water from your mask as you were taught during certification. Repeat as necessary throughout your dive.

  9. samtothemax 3 says

    I have a polycarbonate lens what one should I do

  10. Aaron Ngo says

    Black fungus will only appear if you do not clean mask in aftercare. Never in 15 years owning 6 different mask I've had this problem. Its a rip if it's not spit.

  11. UnderSeaVision says

    Baby shampoo 10% mixed with water in a spray bottle. Spray the mask, dump out excess, do not rinse …… never fog

  12. Htet Aung Hlaing says

    Very helpful tips & lovely pool. 😀 I like that. Cheers!

  13. Alex Levonis says

    Hey great video, although does burning off with a lighter get rid of fogging? Ive seen other videos on this and would u use this idea?

  14. James Teddy says

    Love your channel. I am new to diving and I have learned alot from your videos

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