1. yo yoo says

    Good Job  and can you show about switch on-off light ??  and hv u pic under water

  2. Yang Song says

    Great Job!

  3. p52ntwrk says

    how much are you selling these for?

  4. Richard Helou says

    can u please show me or tell me how u made th electric insulate wire
    Best regards

  5. rha h says

    Info in the video its only swich barrey 5 x dealextreem driver and 5x d-bin P7 danmark`/Norge?

  6. Mikkel Kjeldgaard says

    Can you please upload your schemes 😀

  7. Hsimmson says

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  8. rha h says

    Hi I borght the swich with water tight cap from this Norwegian shop. I dont knew the name on the clips 🙂 I am about to make a threded cap insted of the Clip thing its to bulky. good luck!
    staven.no/diy_shop/ googel this

  9. Hsimmson says

    Thanks for fast reponse :), on your tourch can you remove the battery's and what are the clips called that hold the lid down? You have inspired me to make my own 😀 Final question what system do you use to turn it off and on? Thanks again

  10. rha h says

    Hi its mostly dealextreem the leds are d-bin p7 from ebay

  11. Hsimmson says

    Were did you get the led part from?

  12. Chris Andonoski says

    the lens was made from acrylic?

  13. TheSubseanera says

    Knall bra

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