Freediving – How to find the best Freediving Snorkel and Scuba mask

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In this video we talk about how you can find the best freediving mask for you. Its easy and simple and only requires 4 small steps. Its called the Youbuur test :). Leave a comment and tell me what mask you use.

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  1. Gucci Potter says

    I have omer alien

  2. jay thompson says

    I have somewhat large nose so I have to take that into account . the last mask I was using left a bruise on the bridge of my nose so I'm ordering a new frameless mask soon that should fit my face much better .

  3. Victor Ferrera says

    what i do is go to dive shop look for a good fitting mask get the model and buy it on line coz it's cheaper lol…..

  4. Autobahn247 says

    I just use a nose clip and normal goggles. It just feels the most comfortable for me

  5. EPSTomcat11 says

    Why low volume?

  6. M. W. Naylor says

    You saved me a few bucks! I just bought my 2nd mask as my first didn't fit perfectly. I ended up going to the shop and buying after using your recommendations. For me the MARES VIPER was the best fit. I also tested in the pool and it was perfect. It should be noted I have a big nose and protruding forehead. Thanks again for the tips.

  7. Gary Schulz says

    I use Cressi Big Eyes…I find all Cressi eqpt top notch

  8. Arianna Gao says

    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  9. Kevin Chan says

    I do alot of freediving spearfishing, the best mask for me is the Riffe amber coco mask…low volume, tinted to avoid glare and seamless in the center for a wide view! I had alot of problems with other mask squeezing my forehead, this does not happen with riffe mask

  10. joe brother says

    im using an infamous mask, its scuba choice low volume mask. y'all could find it on amazon, and its just cost 16$ gor the mask, and its about 26$ with the snorkel. and this mask has a really soft silicone, and for me its really2 nice. and i'd to recommend this mask for y'all.

  11. Splash says

    any differences for scuba masks?

  12. Eric Purwoko says

    Hi Youbuur, nice video. I think probably I missed one thing here… I couldn't find explanation how to find a good snorkel for free diving… is it on other video? what kind of snorkel best for freediving? do i need drysnorkel? thx

  13. Freediver Youbuur says

    I think the sphera with the plastic lens is one of the best freediving masks out there. BUT, i prefer glass lens, its sharper and cleaner somehow.

  14. Eric Muscat says

    what is the best of the masks they will be plastic lens or glass lens or they are both good?

  15. Freediver Youbuur says

    I dont know Eric, i dont have it

  16. Eric Muscat says

    what is your opinion about mares tana mask ?

  17. Freediver Youbuur says

    Been away for a loong time, maybe 1 year or more. I have been working on building a big fitness company. We now have a big organisation and I can finally go back and find time to do what i love the most, FREEDIVING! Make sure to share, like and comment on the videos! We gonna bring back Youbuur to YouTube! Love you all and thank you for all the support… Im back!!! 🙂

  18. Jaqen H'ghar says

    i have a MARES seta mask, is that a good choice? 
    thanks! 🙂

  19. Oliver Stubbs says

    Seacsub extreme black

  20. ashriches99 says

    I would like a mask for freediving and spearfishing but have a big bridge to my big nose but also need a mask with a prescription lense option are you aware of anything on the market? Thanks for your help!

  21. Abraham Delatorre says

    my 1st mask i bought was a Promate with 3 plain view /clear and valve to let water out. On first use I had stubble on my face and water kept getting in the nose piece as soon as submerged the surface. So i'm going to try again today clean shaven this time and if its the same results then guess I'll try another brand or style too.

  22. Matthew Luttrell says

    How would a free diving mask vary from a good scuba mask? I can see that low volume is useful in free diving, but it would also be useful for scuba since most low volume masks have good fields of view. 

  23. Ekfantos says

    I was diving with googles 'till now, but when i go 7m + i fell like the air in the googles gonna pop the glasses out and pierce my eyes, so i'm thinking of buying a good mask.So, is my fear justified and masks are indeed better than googles(cause all of you divers dive with masks), and secondly do masks fog, cause my googles fog like hell and i was wondering if i need antifog sprey (or toothpaste idk if it works or it will destroy my mask)?

  24. Χρήστο ς says

    Whats the model of the cressi snorkeling mask ?

  25. Manuel Lizarralde says

    Thank you very much for your excellent opinion about how to choose a mask. I do have one that I broke and about to get a second one. Your video was very useful for the basic 4 steps.

  26. rpcomms1 says

    love yours vids,my wife says i have too many masks too,could open up a shop lol!

  27. Merman Zirak says

    In freediving could you use normal swimming goggles or no goggles at all?

  28. oliputz says

    Due to my rather narrow face it has always been difficult to find a fitting freediving mask. I used Scubapro masks back in the 80's that had a really small volume. Unfortunately, those are not around anymore. Recently I tried a Mares Star. The usual tricks of trying on a mask dry worked (okay, I DID NOT shake like a mad man…), so I thought it should fit me. It didn't. In fact, it was the worst freediving mask for me. I then tried the Cressi Superocchio. Ugliest little thing you can imagine, but it is the best fitting mask for me of all the ones I tried. No leakage, no problems equalizing, small volume, great field of vision. In short, the perfect choice for me. As you said in your video, no mask is perfect for everyone. It might take a little bit of trial and error before one finds one's perfect choice.

  29. Mike Vollrath says

    Mako has a new low volume mask it is be farone the best mask I used an most mask dont fit me because my nose is kida big. But the new mako low volume mask is great

  30. Celso Barroso says

    Thanks! I'm going to buy my first freediving mask, i was only using the old swimming goggles and at high pressures they leak, thanks for the advice!

  31. Stevan Vetlog says

    I've learned from a LDS that the best way to test for a perfect fit is not to inhale after putting the mask but to fully exhale before putting the mask on. The latter procedure is the best procedure for suction test.

  32. Guille 8001500 says

    for me, aquasphera are the best ones

  33. Freediver Youbuur says

    Anytime bro! Remember if you can try the mask then you would no more. See what i had to go through to find the right mask? he he. Even if I like my video, nothing can be compared with trying the mask on. I myself dont have any good diving stores that have freediving masks :(. You are on the right path bro keep hunting.

  34. Freediver Youbuur says

    Yo man, thats because when you dive deeper the pressure of the mask increases to your face, you then have to blow out air from your nose in the mask to even equalize the mask. This makes you loose even more air from you lungs. The lower volume, the less air it takes to equalize the mask.

  35. Marek F says

    hey man thanx for answer 🙂 I have a narrow face so the micromask sounds good to me. I found some cheaper mask ( I mean half of the price of aqualung micro…) Imersion Minivol and IST M-99 Seal. Looks exactlly the same. I think someone used the same mold to create them. If I get one then I will be able to tell something more.

  36. ParaglidingManiac says

    Why is a higher volume mask bad for diving?

  37. Freediver Youbuur says

    It sounds good mr VaanDamme :). Almost all masks have greater volume than the sphera so its nothing strange. I have the same problem with the sphera that you do that is why i now use the micromask. Thank you for sharing bro. Have a great weekend!

  38. vaandamme says

    I bought the Oceanic Shadow online, took a chance but I was lucky. Used an Aquasphere before and it's awesome except it puts pressure on my nose bridge. The Shadow fits perfectly, the only negative is the volume is a bit larger so I need to equalize.

  39. Freediver Youbuur says

    Sergei brother, you will love it, just don't forget to try it before if you can. have a great weekend okey 🙂

  40. Sergei Leshchinsky says

    Thanks for sharing! Gonna buy mask tomorrow. Found your video just in time!

  41. Freediver Youbuur says

    No i dont know about it. but maybe the micromask works for you?

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