1. Nurse Bill says

    AMAZING. I was researching this as the Thai rescue of the boys used a similar device it seems.

  2. Daveinstructor says

    Need to get a quick connect on my octopus …

  3. Adam Davis says

    awesome video. and scary. but yet i want one

  4. manan bonycare says

    I hope the thai soccer team can use this mask technically.

  5. djjoshua007 says

    Watching you duffing and dawning that mask makes my skin crawl, WAY to slow and risky, you should have that regulator in your mouth with in a half a second.
    That is how we were taught

  6. Sparryax says

    Can you use a CCR and a FFM in one kit?

  7. JSF says

    One concern I have is I use a duel air source as my backup regulator. So instead of the yellow regulator with the longer hose, it's a regulator built into the hose to my BCD. Is it possible to use the duel air source and a full face mask? I guess my concern is saving someone else underwater. To my knowledge you're not supposed to give them the duel air source in an emergency, but instead give them your primary and you use the duel air source for yourself while you ascend. So would the duel air source work with this mask?

  8. SlightlySaltedSteve says

    how do you wear a hood with it ? doesn't it break the seal ?

  9. Saluan potoutusan says

    to her, permission, you video distributed to the general in my channel, and i hope you and i to share video. if you aggre please coment my comments

  10. Cryptic says

    Thank god i watched this. I recently purchased one and was wondering if i would need to remove the mask and use a regular reg and mask for my pony but i can use the quick release hose. So happy 🙂

  11. rsaf18 says

    good video!

  12. Michael Garrett says

    horde all the way

  13. Joachim Nakken says

    between $800 and $1500. Depends on how fancy you want it. With heads up display and radio communication it will probably be around 1500

  14. Joachim Nakken says

    It wont fall out of your mouth. I have gone deep sea diving, and as long as you have the required training, it will not be a problem.

  15. kevin lobnow says

    How much do these masks usually run for?

  16. TeamTestificate says

    Even if it falls out, you can easily put it back in your mouth and purge it of water

  17. sw4rml0gic says

    It's never a problem – you forget it's there and it becomes a tool along with your breathing 🙂

  18. Bailey Rush says

    Man I'm only a kid but I wanna go deep sea diving with the full face mask, I'm always afraid if I use the regulator, it'll fall out of my mouth.

  19. BlueProductionsINC says

    Brilliant to watch! Thank you so much for uploading these underwater drills. Learning so much just by watching.

  20. UltimateGaming720 says

    Maybe your right LoL 🙂

  21. aim4themedic25 says

    I know the feeling… I have not got my dive cert yet for basic open water, and i'm scared i wont be able to take off my mask and breathe normally… screw a full face mask! lol

  22. UltimateGaming720 says

    The part at 2:40 scares me because its way too risky. But good job I would never be able to do that.

  23. ZiiX845 says


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