Dive Computer Comparison Guide

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Mark looks at and compares dive computers, ranging from entry level, mid-range and high-range.

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Rating: 4.44

  1. John Rambo says

    Use switchedON ones

  2. Aegean Epiphany says

    How can you compare dive computers without showing the most important aspect – the displays? (BSAC AI, TDI MODII Trimix Rebreather.)

  3. Abbad Abduljawad says

    You missed the Scuba Pro Chromis. But I still love your work btw.

  4. jackhigh says

    I have the tusa dc solar and I really do like it. My biggest complaint is you need to purchase the extended wrist strap separately which I need in the great lakes with my 7mm wet suit

  5. Diego Crippa says

    sono molto utili i vostri video ma fateli anche in Italiano… e qualche prova n mare per capire le differenze reali durante l'uso…

  6. LA5150 says

    I love my OCEANIC dive computer.  Why did you just focus on sunnto and scuba pro?

  7. Garwanen says

    No Shearwater Perdix AI? No OSTC 4?

  8. PoliceEquipment 999 says

    Hi! I just came from the video "Scuba Gear For Beginners" As I just got into scuba divining I would like your opinion is this https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/seac-sub-smart-bcd BCD Good For beginners | Also is this a good Harness for beginners? https://www.simplyscuba.com/products/scubapro-xtek-pure-tek-harness

  9. Mohamed Bebars says

    You missed the Suunto D9TX 😉

  10. Montiman0 says

    Surprised the Aladin Sport MX wasn't on there, entry level with compass and bluetooth

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