How Much Does Scuba Gear Cost ?

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– So, how much does scuba gear cost ? I once asked this same question a couple of years ago.

The amount varies depending on the type and quality of items you purchace. The price margin is wide, but the cost should be around $150-$200 on average.

A Scuba Mask

There are different varieties of styles for different faces. You should select the scuba mask which is the most comfortable for you.

Function of the mask: This gear allows you to focus your viewing of objects underwater by creating airspace in front of your eyes. It also has a nose pocket that enables you to balance the air pressure in your mask as you dive further into the water.
Select a mask with a good watertight fit.
Cost – The price for a mask may range from $50-$200.

Scuba Fins

Fins convert energy from the leg muscles to aid your movement in the water.
Select fins with a snug fit that will not bind the arches of your feet or pinch your toes.
If you have difficulty wiggling your toes, then the fins are too small for you.
The cost of fins is usually between $75 to $250


It seems simple enough: a curved tube that lets you breathe while floating face-down right below the surface of the water. Yet, as you look at the plethora of snorkels at your local dive store, you’ll see an array of options and features to choose from. Don’t worry. Stay focused on the basics.

What to Look For – Comfort. You want a mouthpiece that feels good in your mouth and lets you breathe dry and easy. Don`t be too stingy and try to save pennies when you buy a snorkel. The best snorkel for you is one with a good compromise between ease of breathing and dry comfort. Also important: Be aware of how the snorkel attaches to your mask. Try to obtain a tough and heavy-duty snorkel, yet one that is simple and will attach to your mask without too much struggle and fuss.

Cost – From $30 to $90.

After buying the 3 scuba gear items above, you can get into buying all other sorts of accessories such as wetsuits, watches, dive bags, etc.

You can spend as much or as little as you want on these other items. Whatever works for your wallet.


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