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WE FOUND GUCCI PRADA & COACH PURSES IN THE DUMPSTER! This is our biggest dumpster diving score ever!

Rating: 4.62

  1. Elena Casteñeda says

    New subscriber lol…

  2. PhotosByCarmenKC says

    It looks like the boyfriend was made and grabbed the purses off the wall and the hook came off with it. Put the bags into his stuff and threw it away.

  3. PhotosByCarmenKC says

    You move around to much. It’s makes me sick.

  4. PhotosByCarmenKC says

    I think someone is mad at some body.

  5. Kimmora Jones says

    Where is.this dumppster iam diving in

  6. KETRY KELLEN says

    Por favor, coloquem legenda

  7. KETRY KELLEN says

    O que fazem com isso depois?

  8. KETRY KELLEN says

    Gente que tudo

  9. Jean Ledesma says

    I wanna join you guys…i love it..

  10. Barbara Webb says

    what town are you in?

  11. Robert Humphrey says

    Thanks for your Service.

  12. Ana J Reis says

    Manda um pouco dessa sorte pra mim !kisses

  13. Ana J Reis says

    Oh gente sortuda ! Good luck !

  14. Nolvia Aracely Fernandez Paz says

    Sera q ellos tiran las cosas para hacer videos

  15. Nolvia Aracely Fernandez Paz says

    Donde viven esta gente pq aqui en la florida no hay nada

  16. Charlene with kids says

    Wow how lucky you both are – love watching the video

  17. Elizabeth Govea says

    Bnas tardes una pregunta no es un delito checar la basura de las tiendas por qué siempre tienen cámaras

  18. MrsDeWinter says

    I've found lots of "designer" handbags at thrift stores, they are almost always fake, but I don't really care I don't resell them.

  19. Altagracia Diaz says

    Pero ese tipo no graba bien!! El se emociona mas q la mujer increible!!!

  20. Sergio horta says

    Its look to good too be true lol

  21. Jazmin Vaca says

    Buen trabajó!!

  22. Suzanne Miller says

    No pen marks, hmmmm either she did not carry a pen or she uses one of those inserts to make changing purses from day to day easier.

  23. Luisa Michel Cervantes says


  24. Rebeca Castanon says

    I feel like this is fake…

  25. SusanBrooklyn says

    How much did you get for the whole thing approximately? How much did the bags go for?

  26. Lovly Lelia says

    Is it legal to dumpsters dive? Do you have any concerns for diseases or germs?

  27. Justyna Buniowska-Mate says

    great job guys

  28. carrie white says

    Wow you got cool stuff

  29. Toni Figueiredo says

    Had a terrible day today. However now looking at your videos you bough brought me joy to my heart. THANK YOU REALLY THANK YOU. MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU SHOULD WOULD BE WALKING AROUND THIS WORLD. To me your both Amazing people.
    God Bless you Both.

  30. Karen Canfield Maskens says

    Did you do a vid to authenticate them? Good knock offs have dust bags and great tags as well. Just wondering !

  31. Bong Decena says

    Versus is from Versace

  32. Francesca Ross says

    These.2 are high outta their minds

  33. Autumn Munden says

    "Hey can you take these to Goodwill on your way into town?"

    *throws all in nearest dumpster

  34. Queen Lopez says

    You both make a great team

  35. Jeanne Bryan Insalaco says

    is it legal to dive? Can they run you off?

  36. patricia woldemichael says

    This is exciting just to watch ! Wow you guys are crazy in a good way !

  37. Shaneisthebesti 111 says


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