So Whats In Your Save A Dive Kit

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So Whats In Your Save A Dive Kit

So what’s in your Save A Dive Kit. Having what you need for any type of situation can be tricky, especially if you travel a lot.

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  1. John McGuinness says

    I think need a bigger box

  2. Andreas Nilsson says

    This is great. So are all of your other videos. I've learnt so much from them. As I become a more experienced diver, I usually come back and re-watch a lot of your videos, picking up stuff I didn't get or understand the first time around. Thank you!

  3. T J says

    I just inspect my gear thoroughly every time out. Sinus decogestants are good to take out. Baby shampoo. Most things in my sad kit are used by other divers.

  4. Jeff Morgan says

    Another funny thing is I started out with a Suunto D4i watch style dive computer with appropriate Tank Pressure Transmitter unit. Later I upgraded to the Suunto EON Core and it uses a different type of Suunto tank pod. SO why leave the other computer and pod at home on the shelf?! So I tossed the small wrist computer into a Peli case and it always goes with me on local dives. If my EON Core has an issue it only takes half a minute to sway out the transmitter pods and I can dive on my Suunto D4i.

  5. Jeff Morgan says

    Don't forget the silicone lube. Especially if you have a plastic T zip on a dry suit, and also for o-rings on dive lights an electronic accessories.

  6. Jeff Morgan says

    I remember doing a PADI course recently at the pool and these two divers showed up for a refresher. Their gear had been in storage for a while it sounded. Anyway before the class started one of the guys rubber fin straps snapped. I got my save a dive kit from my car and was able to loan him my spare dive strap saving that guy's training day. I'm sure the instructor team was thankful they didn't have to reschedule they guy as well. It was a win win for everyone.

    Another thing I learned the hard way is to keep a spare integrated weight pocket if your BCD system uses a plastic pinch clip quick disconnect for release of the pocket. Between dives one of the female clips on one of my weight bags got smashed when moving my gear around. Since then I have implement steeps to protect my weight bags in how I store them. Well that BC was OSS for a few weeks until I was able to order spare pats and a spare weight bag from the manufacture. Can't dive with only one weight bag….

  7. MackZero says

    Great vid thanks. I can only imagine what your vehicle go bag is like. Lol. New subscriber.

  8. ceriops123 says

    Thank you.

  9. thanks for the useful info!
    Van Jr.

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