1. John B says

    Brian, I always carry a 19cf PONY, as we discussed previously. As I consider the benefits of SM, I have a question for you. If you have dual 80CF SMs with independent regulators and use one of the tanks strictly as a backup, as you use 2/3rds of the air in the main bottle, do you notice an imbalance in your trim as the main bottle gets lighter and tends to have the bottom of the bottle point up? (I saw you adjust the rear attachment point of the 500 PSI bottle on your BCD on another video.) If so, I would guess the solution is a pair of steel bottles.
    Most of my dives are shore dives where the walk to the water is 50-100 yards. I get tired of thinking of carrying 80 pounds of bottles (plus everything else) to the water, and back. LOL. That is the big negative of SM in my mind. Currently my kit weighs exactly 70#, with the PONY being 10# of it. Switching to dual 80s would jump the total weight to 100#. I weigh 160#. Whew! 😉
    Your thoughts?

  2. v h says

    Thanks, i used some of your tips for setting up my SM set.

  3. Roy Cabalo says

    You have some great videos!!! Love watching them and always learning new things.

  4. Dylan Vanderpool says

    How do you decide if you are going to use sidemount or backmount for local dives? By local i mean within driving distance. I finally got my setup ready and tryed sidemount yesterday. Its definitely different but a good different.

  5. Austin Berry-Morris says

    Great idea on the paracord addition to the cam strap bolt! I’m gonna start using that

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