1. Sun Flare says

    Luke, I am your father. 😉

  2. Daveinstructor says

    The glasses work extremely well, but my optician warned me the lenses can pop out because of the frame curvature. I only remove them when I need to clean them.

  3. Richard Slater says

    Be honest: do you still use this now a year + has passed since the review? Wondered what it was like long term.

  4. imartotun says

    Hi what kind of communication do you use? It dosent look like the yellow GSM tha ocean reef sells?

  5. sonya bunyan says

    Should I get the scuba aga mask or the scuba coralreef mask please comment on this to tell me what o get

  6. T.O. Willem Kmetsch says

    Hey, I’m interested in making videos like this, what do you use to record your audio underwater?

  7. Dominik Alberts says

    What system for communication do you use?

  8. Michael Richardson says

    Good review, the only part you left out is the Surface air valve doesn't come included (At least in US) and the quick connect is included either, so add $80 to your initially large investment. The SAV is essential for beach diving if you want to complete a successful dive where your face never gets wet…

  9. SeikiBrian says

    I loved that little fish that came swimming over at the 1:30 mark; it seemed genuinely interested in what you were saying for a while. 😉

  10. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    Well done wonderful video!!

  11. DracariaEntertainment says

    I use an orange neptune space mask. Which model is that? And did you put the mask seal over your hood or under?

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