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Defog the scuba mask.
Your diving mask fogs up always, when you doing snorkeling or scuba diving or free diving? Here you can find some solutions at this problem!

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  1. Imperial Diver says

    Haha Do that with a Tusa Paragon! The owner will thank you! But it will not be nice!

  2. Michael Withrow says

    Children’s toothpaste, or the abrasive with scratch the lens!

  3. Amriy Ansar says

    Saya mau udar pak itu kaca mata yg dipakai menyellam pak saya minat sekali pa

  4. James Plumridge says

    DO NOT USE A NAKED FLAME WITH YOUR MASK, it isn’t advised by manufacturers because it causes the tempered glass to become ineffective and dangerous. It can result in SERIOUS HARM. Stick to toothpaste and/or spit like the rest of us.

  5. James Woods says

    Can I use the lighter on my tinted/polarised goggles?

  6. Samuel Self says

    The lighter burns off the silicone layer that makes the glass safety glass. That bit that you're seeing dissipate is the silicone layer, it is not the manufacturing oils that are left over.

    Once you do this with a lighter, and if your mask glass gets broken, it will brake in to pointy shards instead of much less pointy square bits.

  7. Arieputra Adry Adam says

    Mines burnt

  8. Tormentor says

    Do both methods give permanent result?

  9. Kenneth D says

    What mask was this?

  10. Under water Assassins says

    The lighter method works extremely well , done once , then spit in them before use wash out , and keep on your face . You will have no fogging

  11. Jose Rhode Island says

    I have a cressi nano HD mirror lens. Do you recommend one treatment method over the other for removing ?

  12. BoKi says

    It always fogs a little bit

  13. grand master flash says

    I have a question no one is talking about. Why not burn the outside of the window. Why haven't they protect the outside as well? thanks.

  14. BARON SAMEDI says


  15. Stojanovic Ratko says

    Use a impregnation what u use for car windows

  16. Juan Bayona says

    I have a Cressi mask, it was kinda expensive. I'm afraid about using this method. I think that silicone is there for any purpose, isn't it?

  17. Galan says

    New Products of diving mask is coming/ LeanYoo Sporting Goods Company

  18. 54 says

    That english tho xD

  19. Viewcards says

    Bring some dishwashing liquid and rub the inside of the mask and wash off right before the dive. Works every time.

  20. 50ft Below says

    Watch out with burning your mask, it can damage and make your glass weak! Rather use normal toothpaste not the gel! Also Tusa has films for the glass so it dont fog up everytime. Check them out

  21. KnownBarkerT says

    I just dip mine in water a bit and leave some in it and when I fogs I move my head to get rid of the fog. Works good

  22. Woodcut Media says

    Hi there,

    My name is Tom Sweeney, I work for a TV company based in the UK! We are currently in production for a new tv clip show which looks at "life hacks" and we would love to feature your video on our programme – we think that this little invention is ingenious and would fit perfectly in one of our episodes.
    We are in need of a clip that demonstrates a quick fix to a common problem that occurs to scuba divers – this one is great and we love it!
    If you would like the clip to be featured on the programme, please get in touch with me at
    Many thanks and hope to speak to you soon!

  23. DCLXVI says

    Just spit on the glass and rub it before you use the mask. Gaaahhhhhh!!!

  24. John Wos says

    Broken English here. Work on your grammar a little.

  25. No 2 method is the best!

  26. Ghassen diver says

    thank you ☺

  27. Hijaazz says

    we are using a pinlock glass in motorcycle helmets visor, it is a plastic and clear thing with large oring. oring presses to glass and clear plastic, its looks like double glass… and its never fogging…

    is there any part like this for diving ?

  28. Tom Glander says

    Silicone gives off vapor for years. This vapor coats the glass. It has be removed regularly. Your face will warm up almost immediately after "cooling"with water, so that's probably a very short term solution. Hmm… not entirely sure if there's a perfect solution here.

  29. Nostalgic Gaming says

    are you supposed to wet the mask before applying the toothpaste and what type of soap works best to clean the mask afterwards? I'm starting my scuba classes this Sat and I needed to clean my mask prior to the start of my classes so they won't fog up.

  30. DCsamH says

    awesome video! i have an omen alien with a mirrored lens. will this mess the mirror up on the lens or will it be alright??

  31. Izzan Dienurrahman says

    does this remove the fog permanently? or you do it before every dive?

  32. Robert says

    Automotive glass fogging problem is solved by using shaving cream, does anyone tried this? I haven't tried it on my mask yet.

  33. Burmschma Zchmikla says

    Using a lighter negates anything you do with toothpaste, skip the first step and just grab some fire.

  34. N. S. says

    Just wet – spit inside and rub it good then dip in water for a brief moment to wash off the spit. Stays crystal clear if you do not wet the inside again.

  35. Rudy Castro says

    comet works better to remove the factory silicon film. also ajax. then use sea gold anti fog trust me your mask will be super crystal clear…

  36. Linda Arnold says

    Can you use this toothpaste method with prescrip lenses

  37. Matchup Spotlight says

    Can you do this with amber tinted tempered lenses?

  38. фИХТЕНМОПЕД says

    my mask did not have a silicon coating inside, but it still fogs up all the time? any ideas?

  39. Thomas Pickering says

    I've got these exact goggles except they have are a slightly newer model I think because the straps look slightly different but anyway I don't understand what is burning or if it's just fog due to the heat could you go into more detail?

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