1. Flavius says

    Как долго можно дышать под водой с ней , если углубляться более чем на 2-3 метра.

  2. ievukaszzz vlogs says

    Dis is no face

  3. Pıtırcık Tv says

    ''Swimming Full Face Mask Surface Underwater Diving Snorkel Scuba Swim'' wtf! İs that admin item?

  4. Patrick Karanga says

    can u actually breathe while u r 9 metres under water without comming up 2 the top

  5. Alexander Campbell says

    sa dude

  6. Eagle says


  7. AnonHeel says

    you can buy this on Ebay.

  8. AnonHeel says

    it is a brand new diving mask design it will take time to catch up with divers.

  9. Reizell Jen says

    Is there size for pre-teens aka 12 year olds

  10. Sofeee sings says

    My Cousin Has One And It's Blue. This Thing Is Really Helpful When You Want To Swim Underwater You Can See It Better. I Tried It For The First Time And I Could Swim With It Already! But My Cousin's One Is A Different One.

  11. Detectores Chile says


  12. Christan Quinto says


  13. Christan Quinto says


  14. Алексей Ш says

    видел в августе на кипре у троих британцев такие , потом погуглил дома ее на алиэкспрессе, но брать не стал, судя по отзывам там она дает преломление типа как фишай из-за своей сферичной поверхности, а так интересная модель …

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