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Perhaps one of my favorite pieces of diving equipment, Abigail and myself decided to review the Guardian fullface mask by OTS (Ocean Technology Systems). This video is in no way sponsored by OTS and was made possible thanks to Bay Islands College of Diving

Buy it here for 10% off with promo code “YOUTUBE” at check-out:

GoPro 5:
Good camera:

Rating: 4.64

  1. Corey baldwin says

    That mask looks nice, looks hard to dive though! Wouldnt mind tryin one out one day… did i hear her say thats a Specialty course?

  2. Bernil Gastardo says

    Good job! How did you get the audio from your Buddy Phone into the video?

  3. moralesforlife says

    Great videos almost done watching all the videos. Just subscribed and hope you keep uploading

  4. Hello ! my name is anri. I'm from Ukraine 3 star diver ***. you made a very cool video for teaching people diving very informative! Thank you for your work!

  5. MORVI Järvi says

    Great video you just got a New subscriber

  6. Harry Stone says

    Great video, thank you for the info!

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