Suunto D9 Dive Computer battery replacement

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Driveway Dude Paul Shows you how to replace a battery in a Suunto D9 Dive Computer.

The replacement battery is a CR2450 and can be bought online.
The tool used to open it is a watch back removal tool and is easily available.
Nitrile gloves and vaseline are the only other things to consider.

It is recommended you visit a Suunto agent to have this work carried out.
If you think you can do it yourself and don’t mind voiding any warranty you may have then it is not a difficult task bearing in mind you won’t find out if it’s water proof until you submerge it.

This video is for guide purposes only. No responsibility is taken if you damage your Dive Computer.

Rating: 5.00

  1. Martin Versfeld says

    Definitely "NOT" use Vaseline… Use a silicone lubricant.- GREAT tutorial though. Nice! 5*

  2. David McCrea says

    Thanks alot I think last couple times watch was gone over a month and the bill was $200 each time

  3. Melanie Oey says

    Great little video.. just replaced my battery in parallel to watching. Thanks a lot!

  4. Max Longo says

    I will stay away from SUUNTO…

  5. David Reed says

    Great video, however, as a SCUBA repair tech, I would HIGHLY advise not using Vaseline. Silicone grease is safer as it won't eat away at the rubber.

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