4 Things Right With The Seaview 180 V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask At Hideaway Island Resort, Vanuatu

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Here’s 4 things that are right with the new Seaview 180 V2 Full Face Snorkel mask which I tested at Hideaway Island Resort in Vanuatu. If you’re a photographer you may find my Lightroom Presets handy:

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This is vlog 254 since I began this channel in August 2015.

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Rating: 4.65

  1. whynottalklikeapirat says

    I have been very critical of masks like this in the past, legitimately so I think, and I guess I still have some reservations. But I like this review.

    I think it's completely crucial that the Co2 issue has been adressed. Adequately so I hope, all design theory aside.

    I also really like that this is CLEARLY advertized as a surface only device. That is so much more reasonable and responsible. The only thing I would add is that people who cannot cope with water in their face, eyes or nose probably should not swim in water too deep to stand in without some kind of flotation device or a trained buddy or professional. But that goes for all masks.

    It seems like a good idea that the glass is flat out and not rounded so you don't get any distortions in the visual field. I don't know what material the glass is made of. I would probably always lean towards tempered glass for a number of reasons. I also like that they are using proper silicone and not some kind of elastomer. Maybe it can be done well, but personally I have bad experiences with the durability of it.

    The whole beard thing seems to me to be a very individual thing. Hard to say how much is down to fit of the mask, over-tightening of the straps, excessive facial movement etc. I have a full beard an never experience any problems with the skirt of a regular mask. I don't suspect I would have issues with this kind of mask either.

    So that kind of reduces my objections to comparatively minor things:

    – The proposed improved vision. I would have to try one to make a fair judgment call, but I am not entirely convinced that this is essentially so different from a regular mask in terms of what you can or cannot see, in practice.

    Personally I find a glass edge in the f.o.v. disctracting and annoying (a fair amount of regular masks have some version of this issue), but mainly my objection is that a common low volume mask, especially free-diving or spear fishing versions, where the glass is very close to your eyes, actually offer a very wide f.o.v and that the barely perceived edges of a common mask actually improve concentration and focus in a sometimes diffuse environment with a lot of light and reflections.

    What you actually see or do not see under water mostly depends on experience, a relaxed attitude (that usually comes with technique and experience), the ability to focus and concentrate and knowing where to look when. No amount of "free space" around your head will overcome the need for these things. As an instructor and guide I can tell you it's quite astounding what some people manage to overlook underwater because they are anxious, preoccupied or dealing with some kind of confusion or disorientation or lack of focus and concentration. The fix for that is practice and experience and developing a calm attitude and situational awareness. I suspect that what you get from a mask with a big space is probably more psychological – you get a sense of an open space as opposed to a confined one but it's probably largely a response to how space feels inside the mask and not about degrees of vision. If you are at the surface as required – there is not much to see, to your sides anyway except bubbles and moving water with some surface silt in it. So if choosing this mask is only about "seeing more" then I honestly doubt that it's worth the added encumbrance. There is a reason why those of us who are ACUTELY dependent on spotting things, as underwater hunters or nature guides with a safety responsibility do NOT use masks such as these to "improve our vision" and our spotting capacity. I am not saying it can't solve other issues, or facilitate a good experience, but common masks never prevented me from experiencing the full majestic size of underwater spaces and formations or from keeping detailed track of my surroundings. In fact I think they facilitate it. My spearfishing mask certainly allows me to look almos as much to the sides as my own eyes, the slight loss of peripheral vision, just helps me make the most of what I see and if I want more – I turn my head. All spotters tend to do search patterns.

    – Still can't efficiently cry for help at the surface
    – Finicky to remove in case of some issue.
    – Heating of the face under exertion may cause the feeling of confinement that the big space was supposed to eliminate and lead to claustrophobia.
    – Promotes the idea that basic water skills or equipment maintenance can be replaced by some technology leaving the inexperienced individual more vulnerable when technology fails.

    Other than that I think it's good they improved key functionality in this version. I think calling it an innovation is pushing it – although I will grant them that they made a different snorkel design. Personally I do not like safety mechanisms to be overly elaborate, especially if it replaces some basic skill.

    I still find it a little hard to see what it is that this kind of mask adds that a common mask and snorkle does not achieve, except maybe it's slightly less prone to letting in water, and you don't have to learn to empty your mask. Then again – my regular mask does not flood unless I want it to. Fogging which is often talked about is not an issue if you treat a normal mask right. I am sure you can make one of these fog up if you treat it wrong too.

    You get the camera option – but I am not sure I would want a camera to always point where I look. I'd want it to point where I point, so I can also orientate myself, same reason I don't want a head light for night dives.

  2. Sara Rami says

    Can I have the mask please.

  3. The finger Jutsu master says

    Where can I buy these at the Philippines

  4. Jon Stone says

    I just bought 2 of these (His and Her's) and I used your affiliate link. Thanks for the in depth analysis!

  5. thestevecbr says

    cigarette lighter can only be used in glass, not plastic

  6. Saleh Alkhulifi says

    Lovely people, I like them all,
    Many thanks to you my dear friend for making such wonderful videos…
    Oh one other thing, The chef looks like one fish that I love so much, Goliath grouper LOL

  7. Anne-So Marion says

    you are hilarious 🙂

  8. Yea nah says

    Oh yeah yeah

  9. Charles Clements says

    Thank you for the honest and unbiased demonstration.

  10. Jane-Anne Gilson says

    Enjoyed your review! Your advice would be appreciated. I am off to the Galapagos in May and am a total beginner at snorkeling. Being claustrophobic and 80 yrs of age, what would you suggest as I am determined to snorkel. The Seaview 180 V2 sounds terrific except not available here in NZ. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Sal Conz says

    these things are dangerous for diving. don't buy them. lol j/k

  12. Z Y says

    Do you still use the PowerBreather Wave? And if not, what were the main reasons against it?

  13. Leighton Scrivens says

    Besides the kick starter thing just wondering if you know when these masks will be selling at websites and shops cause i really wanna get one of these masks around christmas

  14. kotoko556 says

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!LMAO. He needs some Star Kush and expand the lungs. Keep up the vids

  15. BMR Productions says

    So until V2 is actually in production, has anyone else caught up with a similar redesign that you'd recommend?

  16. Skull Fucker says

    just bought a simmilar mask only more rugged and tough tried free diving with the snorkel on then i realized it caused massive leaking because the seal and the ball bearings are not designed to handle high pressures then i removed the snorkel and put my thumb on the air intake connector and went above 15 meters and it didnt leak even a tiny drop into the mask. these can be used for diving only without the snorkel, gonna add a scuba regulator to this thing and post a video how it works

  17. Yash Nurai says

    hey come to mauritius there are beautiful beaches here

  18. TheRacing Gamer says

    Also, if u want a full face snorkel mask with an equaliser, I suggest the RKD 2nd Gen mask. It has a soft nosepiece that you can squeeze to equalize the pressure. You should do a video on it!

  19. Lee Miller says

    I just discovered your youtube channel and am loving it! I found your channel by searching reviews of various snorkel masks I was looking at purchasing for our first cruise. On a budget, since we just splurged for the cruise, I was searching for the best snorkel mask (and maybe fins? I would like to hear your thoughts on fins) that I could get for about 50 USD. I wouldnt use a more expensive mask enough to make sense as Im located in land locked central Illinois, but want a decent enough mask to have a great experience snorkeling for the first time in the Caribbean. Thanks for your amazing content. –Chris

  20. micmav71 says

    The cigarette lighter defogging method is for tempered glass…. are you sure it's gonna work here? i think this is plastic….

  21. LadyPene says

    Where is the link to the new V2 full face mask please?

  22. leemueck says

    Nice review, mine mask is in transit. What would happen in you used one of those nose clips? could you equalize then?

  23. TheRacing Gamer says

    12:40 ROASTED!

  24. TheRacing Gamer says

    What happened to unzipping the bag instead of ripping it to shreds?

  25. Juan Carlos Vargas says

    Great review, and great knowing about Vanuatu and the resort

  26. Calvin Puah says

    Mate, thanks for the review. I've got 2 on order and can't wait for summer. Good on ya!

  27. Carp Andrei says

    Do you think this mask would also be suitable for children? I bought my son a full face mask when we went snorkeling for the first time, and I'm not sure he'll like to switch to a classic snorkel.

  28. leokimvideo says

    Don't feed the trolls, they never look at a whole video! But hey they are always fun to have a go at.

  29. P3TR1i says

    Hello, in compared to RKD 2nd gen. Mask, what do you think about the masks? Did this mask let any water in? Great video by the way, very entertaining. Have you ever visited Barbados?

  30. Ben Dabies says

    Checkout the new scorkl mini diving tank

  31. DaMaGe Of SuRvArIuM says

    Hi.i enjoy these videos,but maybe you can try some cheap chinese masks,and say what the difference? 🙂 I buy one today for about 20 euros,but i am little afraid to go in water 🙂

  32. Ryan Bullington says

    Me and my wife going to Kauai for Christmas and looking to get the V2 snorkel mask. Looks like it works great!

  33. Wildhorn says

    Hey! Thanks for the review. We appreciate the feedback! We have really tried to listen to our customers while developing this mask. Let us know if you have any questions. 🙂 An important note…the diameter of the tube opening is actually 70% larger rather than the 20% stated in the video.

  34. Gina Walters says

    Everyone else is here for the review! I’m here for the coconut shell crab! That crab ❤️❤️❤️ so cute!

  35. Jonathan Lee says

    What if they replace the plastic nose piece to a silicone or rubber nose that’s it just the nose

  36. But now I need a water proof phone case now never ends lol

  37. Wow so sleek will love trying one out And my go pro will work for this awesome river mask for metal detecting

  38. Shane Allwood says

    I thought China was brilliant and now Vanuatu is even better…both great vlogs, really enjoying your channel Benon

  39. where is danny black says

    I love the savage comments about the haters 🙂

  40. jaafer says

    Please make a review of at least just one fin pleaseeeee I will tell all my friends about your channel just I beg you

  41. Sheep Entertainment says

    Dude people were staring at you on the boat. I would be so embarrassed.

  42. abdullah alblushi says

    Time when he get understand 12:43

  43. Ujj Boi says

    I like that intro music for some reason

  44. Hendrik Ebber says

    And another superb vlog / review. Nice. That Island resort does look inviting 🙂

  45. Pat Rick says

    From 1st Impressions I think this Vlog is going to go BIG. Well done Sir. Talk about some radical improvements to the product.

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