Scuba Tech Tips: All About Reels – S05E17

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Dive reels are an essential item when exploring wrecks, caverns/caves, search and recovery or releasing a delayed SMB. Alec explains the types of reels divers commonly use and the key features to look for when buying.

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Rating: 4.83

  1. Ted Reitsma says

    Hi Alec. This video is the first i actually dont like. The big reels often can jam. NO regular diver needs anything more than a finger reel. It can be wound up much better than you show and the way to connect the line to the bolt snap should be much different than how you do it ( viewers watch other videos on youtube about this). The finger reel has 100 ft and you should likely take 10-15 feet of it and get rid of it as it is too full a reel as you mention. I think all divers should have one and an SMB on every dive, even though unlikely to use it. Cave/wreck diving ( which i am training with TDI for) use the other lines and need special gear/training/line markers/multiple dive lights/redundant gas supply, etc etc. No one should use a line to go in a wreck/cave without the proper training & gear.

  2. No Thank You says

    Really appreciate your videos. I personally carry a finger reel and all the instructors I have dived with do the same because they are so easily stored. Not seen those fancy ones used yet.

  3. stephen s says

    Love this guy but he looks like hes never used a finger spool

  4. Raymond Everson says

    line and rope are 2 completely different things alec. you know this.

  5. anthony macy says

    Honestly as a novice diver your videos help immensely. All of your videos have helped me be a better and a much more knowledgeable diver, thank you for the videos.

  6. diver dave says

    you need to take your glove off to use a finger spool reel – you will also need a second scuba tank to have enough air supply for the time to reel it up !
    the other reel you show should have a florescent color line instead of a white line so you can easily see it !

  7. D Smith says

    I totally agree with you on your comment about thin line when diving. Some of the reels have very thin line and they quickly get out of control and become a tangle underwater.

    My line reel that I use when scallop diving has 1/4 inch multi-braded rope which is very easy to control and untangle underwater. Works great and easy to connect to a lift bag when sending it to the surface and leave the full scallop catch bag on the bottom. Plus, the larger rope make for a great dive line and makes it easy to perform the safety stops when heading to the surface.

  8. Ben Day says

    Alec. Being new to diving your videos have been so helpful. Keep them coming mate. I'm addicted to watching them and will soon run out of episodes! Best wishes mate. Ben (London)

  9. Joel Perron says

    Another excellent video !! … thanks ! … btw .. had my first dives with my Dad in law in Punta Cana at the Be Live resort and used for the first time my new gears (bcd hydros pro, G2 dive computer, reg scuba pro MK25 /S600 50th) and it went well except didnt read before how to pair my transmitter so had to use the good old pressure gauge lol and used a red filter for my gopro Hero 3 + silver and that filter was way too red, so ended up by having my two dives in pitch red as if diving in coolaid .. almost cried seeing that .. would be great a vid on filters if you have that expertise also 😉 take good care

  10. Jeff Lane says

    how about a good reel for dive flags as i am usually the one that is dragging it

  11. Chad Ryther says

    Alec, another great video! Can you do one on dive lights and noise makers?

  12. Pascal Bourbonnais says

    Hi Alec, here's the best way to store the finger spool so that it can be clip on your bcd if you don't want to store it in a pocket. In cave diving we usually have two spool clipped on the butt and obviously we do not want to get tanggled it the line…

  13. dime275 says

    Thanks Alec!! Just got certified and took the advanced yesterday in Greece! I bought a finger reel back home in Buffalo, NY. Can't wait to dive into Lake Erie and maybe use the reel?? I enjoy all of your tech tips. Thank you!

  14. Booboosik says

    I see that a better reel was not presented. You mentioned that you don't like when a reel tangles… Then why not show Larry Green reels that totally solve the problem? See:

  15. Brad Houghton says

    Thanks for the video Alec!! I really enjoy the fact that your videos are so practical and helpful to the average recreational diver like me. I've learned a TON from your videos. Thanks!!

  16. John Storck says

    I am in the market for a drysuit. I know how to "dry" the inside (S04E05) haha. There seems to be several different materials for the suits and for the wrists/neck as well as many different styles. Can you give us some insight? Thanks for all the tips!

  17. Brian Cowell says

    Another awesome video! Can you tell us how we. should store our tanks? full, empty, upright, etc? what about maintenance? can we paint our own tanks? keep up the great work, you ROCK!

  18. LMSILVIA says

    Can't watch enough of these… Get off the man with the line suggestions, he is only making very vague suggestions about uses for the line and reels. Things as tie points for a wreck dive or cave exploring are very location and type of dive specific…

  19. LiquidGF says

    Hi Alec,
    I am very unhappy with that suggestion (11:39) about the simple reel connected to a double ender outside and exploring caves, that is very dangerous and some unexperienced divers may try this and suffer an accident. Special training and more equipment is crucial to avoid this.
    But nice introduction of different reels anyways.
    greetings from germany,

  20. Ray Moorhead says

    Hi Alec, Thanks for the tech tips, how about doing a feature on buying 2nd hand scuba gear vs brand new scuba gear 🙂

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