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DiveOnline TV’s KIT REVIEW SHOW visited Suunto to review the brand NEW Suunto EON CORE at its top secret release to the UK’s diving press. The EON CORE is a great, robust and durable diving computer aimed at the active and recreational diver and those making their way into technical diving for the first time.

Rating: 4.57

  1. Dylan Vanderpool says

    What would it take for you to give it a 5?

  2. Cosmin Anghel says

    i have and i use suunto eon steel, i update the firmware 1.6.4 yesterday… this "prominent view" is worst than Graphical view in my opinion, i waiting for something special in the future, i can't see for example in a single screen CNS-No deco time and PO2 in a compass mode… i am scallop diver and i use nitrox, is very important to have all this in just one screen, to not waste you diving time pusshing the keys for every each information about your tissue! Thx!

  3. Kate Dench says

    From Leo Dench.

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