Qingsong Kid's Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Hey cruisers!
Welcome back to Gear-athon. We have finally found some snorkel masks that come in kids sizes, and we have a discount code for you to use through July 2018. These snorkel masks come with a handy GoPro mount, which we really like. Please read the instructions and disclaimers on these products carefully, as snorkel masks are not meant for use for long periods or in strenuous situations.

Find it here on Amazon:

Use Discount code 2GKC2W6F through 7/31/2018

Special thanks to Quinsong for sending us these masks to review and for providing a discount code to our subscribers!

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  1. Connie Aguilera says

    I purchased this item from Amazon the last time you had a discount code. I have a question about the "O" rings included with the accessories. Do you know what they are used for! Are they just replacement parts? Thanks!

  2. Kawanna Hardy says

    Happy Father's Day Mr CTTV!!

  3. Eve OG Sharp says
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