1. Tom s says

    I do a lot of shallow cold water work and I found these to be the worst fins I have ever used. That being said I am not using fins to really propell me more just for stability.

  2. Disgruntled Mule says

    I was about to ask about the frog kick with these fins. I have a pair and will be doing wreck diving with them. Thanks for this video.

  3. Simon Millward says

    Thank you for the review. Two questions: (1) are these fins good for frog kicking? (2) Have you found them to be durable? (Lots of accounts on the internet about them breaking at the two joints between the foot pocket and the blade). Thank you again.

  4. African Twin says

    i miss rubber on those fins, too plastic

  5. SeikiBrian says

    I got a pair of these a few weeks ago, and I concur with Mr. Goodman's report. Compared to the Jet Fins that I used to use, and which I loved, these new fins are even better.

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