Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer Review

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The Mares Puck pro dive computer is perfect for any recreational diver that wants an easy to operate and understand dive computer. The Puck Pro supports both air and nitrox mixes, uses a single button navigation system, supports PC Interface (not included) and can even allow for gas switching for accelerated decompression.

Rating: 4.52

  1. Alexandru Grigore says

    Hy. Can I use it also for swimming? Distance couning or something..? Thank you.


    I want a waterproof reliable watch while spearfishing and found this in a very good price. Can someone please tell me if it is suitable to use this watch only for freediving activities like spearfishing?

  3. Thanasis Choul says

    Thanks for the review!
    I bought it for freediving 2 years ago, as a cheaper option. I am really really satisfied even from using the bottom-timer for the freedives. The logbook is amazing.
    Now i am starting the padi open water, and couldnt be happier that i already have this tool 🙂

  4. Andrew Lewis says

    I've had this computer for about as long as this video has been up! It is a really warhorse, nigh on indestructible. Nice chunky button for easy use in thick gloves.

  5. Anderson Heib says

    Mares Puck Pro or Mares Smart?? What is the best ??

  6. khaled hashy says

    Puck wrest reads depth after around 1.5m? which is not good option for shallow introduction dives? also not suitable for free dive?

  7. Eugene Cheow says

    Hey there SS! Thanks for the vid. Ive been diving with my trusty Puck Pro for a while now and it has served me well. But only recently did I find out that the LOG page only has five latest dives saved. Any idea where the others are? (Ive logged at least 50 dives on it) thanks in advance!

  8. Carina Weyer says

    Does this have a salt and fresh water setting? Trying to decide between this or suunto zoop. Suggestion? I like how this has backlight too. 

  9. Simply Scuba says

    Safety stops are generated when the diver descends below 10m. The Puck Pro also supports Deep and Deco stops which are calculated whilst diving.

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