Best Wrist Dive Computers 2019

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Join us as we look at the best wrist dive computers of 2019. This is an overview of the Aqua Lung I300C, the Scuba Pro Mantis 2.0 and the latest from Shearwater the Teric.
We look at 7 features of these entry, advanced and technical wrist dive computers that make them best buys for 2019.

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  1. Игорь Фрадков says

    Shearwater TERIС the best computer, without options

  2. Jonnie Bangkok says

    All any diver, except technical divers, would need is a Suunto Zoop at.$150-$200.

  3. José Carlos Echeverría says

    I have the mantis m2 and does not have bluetooth, you can buy a separate usb craddle

  4. djjoshua007 says

    ANYTHING sherwater… end of story. spend the money once,

  5. swati das says

    Is ALi200 better than ALi300c? Which to one to go for? And do both of them show average depth?

  6. Balwyn Poolboy says

    cool beats grandpa

  7. Venelin Nikolov says


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