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Travel Insurance – some people swear by it, others never use it. So what’s the big fuss? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.


Recommended Insurance Providers:
+ World Nomads:
+ Insure My Trip:
+ STA Travel:
+ Allianz Travel Insurance:

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  1. Kent Nguyen says

    You didn't go over the fine print of Trip Protection. They'll only cover special circumstances and not cover changing your mind.

  2. Jess Strong says

    You can also forget any alliance related company. Total scam and waste of money!

  3. Jose The Rover says

    Hey guys you're wrong about the travel protection. Its not "for some reason". There are very specific instances that are covered which are mostly medical reasons etc. You're not covered if you "can't make it or have to work or don't want to go".

  4. Andrew Blomberg says

    I found this site to be really helpful: They have some great tips on plans to purchase and the best plans for any citizenship or even for people doing extreme sports

  5. samane mozayani says

    You made a mistake: Health Care is not free for foreigner in Canada. Even for residents, if they being out of country for more than 6 months, they don't have free coverage for the first three months when they return to Canada. Also, non-residents like international student can't use free medical health care and they have to buy private insurance.

  6. Zupez says

    Best websites for travel insurance

  7. pooja desai says

    Love traveling? If yes, you’ve probably made quite a few travel plans by now, and visited places around the globe. But, when dreaming up the best travel plans, has the the thought to include travel insurance as part of your to-dos ever crossed your mind? Probably not, and this is where your best laid plans can go awry:

  8. Edward A says

    Travel Insurance "MAY" cover your foreign Medical Bills …..

  9. Drave4Gaming says

    That's wrong, healthcare in Europe isn't free!

  10. DRONES FOR YOU says

    did they cover alien attacks?

  11. rekor says

    informative yet super annoying video, stop with the wanking and get to the info giving

  12. Travelzoom Education says

    Nice video. Thanks

  13. Jesse Ramirez says

    Made sure to use your link to World Nomads as a token of appreciation for all the videos you guys make! I start travelling Southeast Asia mid-May and couldn't be more stoked! I was pretty nervous at first, but your videos helped a lot. Keep doing what you guys do!

  14. Loco's Derby Stuff says

    Allianz Global Assistance has my eternal recommendation!
    My Australian Visa didn't get approved in time for my flight, submitted a paragraph, the PDF of the ticket, and the converted amount in USD. A week later I had a check.

  15. Paul Hart says

    world nomads quote 3 times the price of others, insure my trip, did not even get a quote, 60 but no problem with others I have had quotes off in UK, example, nomads £164 here £30-£70 for a year, nomads was a 3 week quote, my opinion they are useless!

  16. MrPhotomedic says

    Unless your Canadian, sure our system will treat you but then your getting a large bill. Not as much as American hospitals but it will still be extremely high!! Again Canadian health insurance is not free unless your Canadian!!

  17. Pramod K says

    Get the best travel insurance while traveling whether domestic or international. At Visvas, we leave nothing to chance when you travel. Our state-of-the-art online tools advise you and let you choose the best travel insurance options customized for you.
    Visit :

  18. N Stearley says

    world nomads insurance is useless

  19. Totally Awesome! says

    thanks guys!

  20. Jordan Harris says

    Can anyone tell me what the background music is at 0:19

  21. cubanguy38 says

    Every time that I travel I use travel insurance usually ALLIANZ,and the most important the Air Ambulance,I take a plan that cover for 250 000 dls.Soon I going to Spain I live in Miami,USA;and I paid for 11 days 103 dls,of course there are other plans more cheap is out to you.

  22. Sepi Ghafouri says

    so for the emergency medical part, do they pay the hospital or do we have to pay first then get reimbursed??

  23. Aidan Au says

    And especially it's from fellow travelers, the user, not some guy or gal in a suit

  24. Aidan Au says

    This is one of the best explained and most viewed videos. Thank you brothers!

  25. Dana15cool says

    Very helpful thank you

  26. Devin Moncada says

    I just booked a plan with World Nomads. Glad to see it's actually a good one. Lol Also, great ending lol

  27. Steven Miller says

    So if I was canceled on by a girl for an event that we had planned and I did purchase travel insurance.. is that liable means for getting a refund on not wanting to go anymore?

  28. Jojito Jojito says

    i l,you

  29. Angela Bailey says

    It would be great if you guys could list the countries with free healthcare, Love all of your videos keep up the great work

  30. Scott Robinson says

    Not bad but you would do your subscriber a BIG favor if you addressed the issue of pre-existing medical conditions and how it relates to the timely purchase of travel insurance

  31. John Moretti says

    Very good points, guys. Also remember to ask (1) will your insurance company actually come to pick you up if you're in the field/mountainside, etc. Do they have operational capability for this? (2) will you need a doctor's referral to initiate the evac (very hard to find if there isn't a doctor nearby) and (3) what if there isn't a third-party doctor nearby? Will they still come to get you if your life is in danger? (4) Are there any altitude limits for this insurance? The answers for the companies mentioned here are (1) no (2) yes (3) no (4) yes.

  32. Miriam Chicanot says

    Sweet guys ! Awesome tips for my first long backpackers trip. You guys are awesome haha

  33. KaritaDeÁngel94 says

    I can't stop watching your videos! They're extremely helpful and super entertaining! I just wonder why I didn't discover you earlier!!

  34. Miguel De Guzman says

    Hahahahaha nice ending

  35. william welch says

    great tips, great video! we also use world nomad. only one claim, easy stuff.

  36. Ash Reyes says

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for the info. Most of it was obvious but helpful reminders for me! I am planning my first international trip and have been cross referencing my research. You guys are FANTASTIC, thank you again for your time and dedication to your channel. 🙂

  37. Victoria King says

    YOU r Best.
    keep it up.

  38. Edward Travels says

    You always needs Travel insurance – A couple of weeks before a trip, I broke my hip and had to forfeit my trip and I couldn't get a refund – All that money gone – after that I always get insurance.

  39. AJ F says

    Healthcare isn't free in Canada unless you are a citizen. I have to purchase medical insurance to go there as an American. I looked at World Nomads but they offer a lot of stuff that doesn't apply to me since I'm driving to Canada. Need just medical/evac.

  40. Fabienne N. says

    well, thank you! on sunday, I am going to have my first flight abroad and moreover on my own to Morocco. this was very useful to me. also, someone already said it but you guys really have a potential as actors, I could even picture Alex on a tv show like GoT or Vikings aha. you both have some charisma that made a boring subject entertaining! just discovered you and already subscribing after my second video. greetings from France 🙂

  41. EMIH8Y says

    Suuuper helpful! Thanks!

  42. Tiger Reynolds says

    What insurance company are you with

  43. Alan Fox says

    I am going to be a nit picky here from my experience with healthcare in Germany. Healthcare coverage is generally free for Germany citizens. There is basic healthcare, and then they can pay for better service. But I went to a hospital there and they sent a bill. It's not free for non Germans.

  44. VagabondStew says

    Wow. Dont know how I missed this. I've been following for a while, but not commenting. As I'm preparing to begin my own adventures, insurance had been on my mind. Thanks for sharing this. It will be valuable.

    Also, thanks for just being who you are. You crack me up.

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