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The NEOPINE snorkelling mask is a comfortable, effortless and innovative full face mask for action cameras. The mask allows for a wide viewing angle. The tubeless system creates a stress free experience and the separate breathing chamber helps to eliminate fogging.
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Rating: 4.38

  1. DansTube.TV says

    To address all of the comments about me referring to this mask as a scuba diving mask, I am sorry. This is a snorkelling mask and I didn't mean to refer to this mask in the wrong way. I didn't pick up on this mistake until I uploaded the video. Please forgive me!

  2. whynottalklikeapirat says

    This "mask" is a piece of shit for so many reasons, but here's one:

  3. Patrick Guerrisi says

    If it's a diving mask how do you breath under water with your oxygen tank ?

  4. BEST BEATS Official says

    It's a snorkelling mask not a scuba diving mask

  5. Sam N says

    Are you able to dive to the bottom with out water coming in.

  6. The Adventurist says

    Hey dans tv it’s me moss family adventures this is my new channel

  7. Mari Marsell says

    Can you breath under the water??? How long you can stay under the water and breath normally??? One moment? 15 seconds??

  8. Sophie He says

    Thank you for the review. I will also suggest a fog free one, Seabeast AF90. It's the only one treated its lens with anti fog coating and will not fog up even exhaling on its lens inside directly.

  9. Nick Nicoloudis says

    Hi everyone I worked out how to equalise and made a video check it out

  10. Ben Planchon says

    Not scuba and ya cant equalize your ears with it don't plan on going more than 3 or 4 ft down strictly a snorkel mask and you look like an idiot doing it

  11. DJ Gaming says

    40$ at Walmart and 50$ on the cruise ship i was on

  12. Ross Major says

    Can you beath underwater with it? Im a beginner at snorkelling and i am definitely looking at the 180 degree mask just trying to get all the information about the mask before I purchase one

  13. eh Joe says

    I don't do reviews but like the way you do. Great shots and editing.

  14. J Case says

    FYI: These are the perfect travel cases for these full face masks. Snorkel Mask Storage Travel Case:

  15. Justin Chubby says


  16. Angel Mark Comajig Labanes says

    Woah is camera holder a ownmade or you also bought it?

  17. ace Grandison says

    Hi, did you get seal problems due to your beard?

  18. Shalfort says

    You can breath underwater with it?

  19. SMOOTH JAYOO says

    When you say breathe do u mean throughout ur mouth or you can breathe with ur nose?

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