1. Jay OC says

    thanks for this, dumb question, will this help keep water out of zipper on rain jacket?

  2. RedWhite&Blue 78 says

    Great topic… I have gone through many backpacking/camping tents because of the zipper… This is going to extend the life of my tents.

  3. CampfireTalk says

    good topic!

  4. wyattoneable says

    I always used wax but this looks good too.

  5. Canesser says

    Thanks Beast, very useful! Even found the product carried by MEC in Canada, not always easy to find stuff that the US carries.

  6. slhaynes says

    Thanks for this video, I didn't realize there was such a product.

  7. Here Comes Sessions says

    I'm sorry but you may think this topic is corny, I personally have never even heard of the TOPIC of zipper "care". I've definitely experienced zipper replacement however lol. Thumbs way up for this niche info. ill definitely be looking into these products

  8. HighDesertTactical says

    First thing on my gear is the zipper. Especially pant related issues…….

  9. 2trekrider says

    Gear Aid can also be found at REI.

  10. Mudtoa Outdoors says

    Nice vid, zippers always seam to be the first thing to wear out and the zipper tape is the hardest thing to replace.

  11. mrouterrim says

    An old trick would be to use bar soap

  12. hinckleypoland says

    Thanks im going to have to get some. Especually for the jeep.

  13. 05generic says

    Definitely like the idea of the dry lube/cleaner over the gooey stuff.

  14. Opal Preston Shirley says

    One thing I do forget I'm going to get some and try it. Thanks

  15. Hammock Sponge says

    Good zipper awareness does keep one from untimely expense and embarrassment. Thanks

  16. Eat Carbs Outdoors says

    Actually..that rocks bro
    Thanks for the video

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